Another car company entry automotive chip field domestic chip will welcome outbreak?

By | February 24, 2021

On February 22, the SAIC’s subordinate cargo vehicle announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with the smart car chip enterprise skyline, and the two sides will jointly build the next generation of the next generation of Wisdom, the next generation of Wisdom, and system programs. This is the recent successful company after the Great Wall car, and an open company in the automotive chip field.

Since the end of 2020, due to the influence of the epidemic, the global automotive chip supply and demand is imbalanced, and many car companies such as Volkswagen, Ford, and General announced the short-term production plan. According to the forecast of the China Automotive Industry Association, chip shortage has a great impact on production in the first quarter of 2021, which is likely to spread to the second quarter.

In addition to seriously affecting the production plan of the enterprise, the wind wave of this global car chip shortage, for China’s automotive industry, also hides a larger crisis, related data shows that more than 90% of the chips of Chinese automotive manufacturers depend on imports However, the cycling rate is less than 10%. For this reason, more and more vehicle companies have begun to focus on layout in the field of automotive chips.

The whole car is successively layout

According to the information released by the SAIC A Bike, the two parties will cooperate. The two sides will rely on the core advantages of each in the automotive, artificial intelligence, and jointly explore automobile intelligent cutting-edge technology, and research and development of the SAIC’s brand characteristics. Ganghua car products.

At the same time, the two sides also intend to continue to work with the intelligent domain controller and the automatic driving system to set up a joint team around the future high-grade automatic driving chip to create a joint team to build the next generation of Wisdom Field Controllers for the Staisla FSD. And system solutions.

Not long ago, Great Wall Co., Ltd. also announced the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement with the skyline and confirmed strategic investment in the skyline and officially entered the chip industry.

The public data shows that the skyline established in 2015 is a car intelligent chip entrepreneurial company, Chenxing Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Jiashi Fund, etc. in deep learning technology.

It is reported that the current skyline has realized the amount of automotive smart chip, and forms the complete product layout of the “smart driving + smart cockpit” chip program of the L2-L3 level, successive and Changan, FAW red flag, Audi, SAIC, Guangqi, BYD, Folia, Bosch and other companies have launched a cooperation.

The industry judges that the vehicle enterprise has successively entered the field of automotive chip, and “binds” with the horizon, which has once again exposed the current status of the automotive chip.

It is also an gap and an opportunity.

Disclosure, the automotive chip is mainly divided into MCU, power semiconductor, sensor, and the like. With the in-depth of automobile intelligence, the global vehicle companies have risen to automotive chips. Authoritative research showed that the current chip of more than 90% of the Chinese automobile manufacturer relies on imports, with a self-control rate of less than 10%.

NAVA analyzed that although the current domestic MCU manufacturers have already produced 32 MCU technical capabilities, domestic chip companies are in terms of internal nuclear, main frequency, memory capacity, reliability, connectivity, etc. compared to foreign manufacturers. The comprehensive strength is still inadequate, and the market is more competitive, which is also the fundamental reason why the domestic chip market share. AVA analysis said that the current global chip supply is imbalance, and it will bring a certain market opportunity to domestic chip companies while bringing a gap.

The reporter noted that in addition to bringing market opportunities, this chip supply and demand an unbalanced wind wave, and it is also forced to increase the acceleration of domestic manufacturers in the technical level. In addition to the lading of the car chip, more and more automotive electronic components companies have begun to use the chip as their core business. A few days ago, the new disclosure of the four-dimensional map was said that the total amount of non-public issuance of the total amount of 4 billion yuan has been completed. In the fundraising project, the total investment of 1.24 billion yuan of intelligent network car chip R & D projects was regarded as the most important strategic direction.

Wanlian securities analysis, the epidemic affects overseas chip supply, short-term partial car index production capacity or will be limited, the medium and long-term reflection of domestic automotive chips need to be independently replaced, which is beneficial to domestic autonomous chip enterprises and independent research and development ADAS companies Accelerated development.

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