2021 traditional Haoqiang continues to force new energy, new forces brand faces no small threat

By | February 22, 2021

2020 can be said to be a year of new energy brands, which is affected by the epidemic, and the automobile field in 2020 has been unable to force, and after the order of order completion, the 2020 car market is fully opened. . In this, the sales performance of new energy vehicles can be described very amazing. Beginning in March 2020, by December 2020, the sales of new energy vehicles have experienced a wave of “ten-game rising rising”, all-year sales broke through 100 Tan Taiwan’s mark has achieved a new high history.

In fact, in the online forum, many people call the electric car as “electric”, say some brand models “semi-finished products”, but in the actual market performance, electric vehicles rely on policy advantages, with outstanding appearance interior and nice Driving quality, attracting a wave of consumers to pay for them. Therefore, in terms of current, new energy vehicles, especially pure trains, can say that they have occupied the half-waters of the current car, and have a continuous rise. Therefore, in the beginning of this year, many traditional fuel-saving brands have joined the “battlefield” of new energy vehicles.

As one of the best brands sold in the Chinese market, the public takes the lead in the field of electric vehicles. Id.3 was listed on the end of last year, while id.4 x and id.4 cross have also debuted in the beginning of this year. SAIC Volkswagen built a 4.0 standard new energy vehicle production plant in last year, and the land production of this factory also means that the next year will continue to launch new pure electric carriers. It is expected that Id.6 and other new pure trams are also in the launch schedule list of the manufacturer. There is news that the public will launch more than 10 pure tram types, this move can also see the traditional giants of the public. The gap between the brand and the new year of the car.

Some netizens said that the mass brand did not think in advance, earning the trust of domestic consumers, Passat, Tiguan L and other vehicles were bent. However, ID.4 X is a case, the price is $ 19.98-2728 million after subsidies, and the highest endurance is 550 kilometers. So what are the other brand models that have the same performance? Xiaopeng G3, BYD Song PRO, Guangqi Aion V and other models, add up more than ten cars. For some Chinese consumers, when the Volkswagen and the above competitors are competitive, the mass of the public is undoubtedly.

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