Sky ME7: IMA architecture sounds smart car door, let dream illuminate reality

By | February 10, 2021

In 2018, Guangzhou Auto Show, at the Brand Conference of the Enovate Sky Car, Sky Auto Director, Chief Technology Officials Shengfu, proudly introduced the sky the first mass production vehicle ME7, “ME7 is based on IMA pure electric architecture development, more performance “

At the time, I was sitting under the stage, while the long-axis distance of ME7, the short-front and rear hanging design was amazed, while the shaft length ratio of ME7 was also calculated: 60.4%. How much excellent this data? Take the electric vehicle of the two pure electric platforms at the time as an example, the axial length ratio is: 58.8% and 59.9%, respectively.

Yes, in the most dominant performance indicator of the pure electric vehicle – the axial length ratio, the horizon ME7 defeated Tesra Model X and the ES8 star players, what is called “playing is amazing”. Life, the extraordinary ME7 also allows everyone to believe that this car will be very worth looking forward to.

When the time dials to last year, the skyline ME7 is listed. After the small batch delivery last year, ME7 will now start large quantities, which is expected to meet you for more than two years of high-end electricity. This also means that in the case where the oil is generally seen, the pure power platform camp has a strong power.

Gamble for more than 20 years of light, only for a good car!

On January 20, Mercedes-Benz EQA was listed. In the past, Mercedes-Benz new car is listed, always star, but starting from EQC, to EQA, the industry is still more controversial for new cars. Yes, the era has changed, turned “no pure electric architecture and no tram.” Especially traditional luxury brand electric vehicles, platforms are not “high end”, how do you dare to call high-end cars?

So we saw that the traditional luxury brand electric car was continued by the market lesson, fake fracture, and the price cut, the brand was repeated. Therefore, for the high-end new expensive – Sky ME7 originating from the pure electric platform, there is always a touch of enthusiasm. Everyone wants to know how many surprises have to have more than two years of ME7 for more than two years.

The result did not let everyone disappoint. As a new intelligent digital architecture created by heavenly intelligent cars, IMA pure electric architecture enables abundant functions such as interconnection, automatic driving, artificial intelligence, and automatic electricity.

In addition to the function, IMA pure electric architecture also has good upgrades and compatible potential, not only upgrading the battery type (upgrading from liquid lithium battery to solid lithium battery), but also responds to consumer’s intelligent network requirements for electric vehicles. It fully gives the user to the ultimate driving experience and the whole domain.

Take ME7 as an example, the length and width height is 4685 * 1970 * 1660mm, in addition to the same-wide body body, and the wheelbase is also reached 2830mm, the shaft length is 60.4%. Even in 2021, the size and space advantage of this pure electric architecture in ME7 is still in a leading position in the market pure tram.

In the critical three-power system, ME7 uses a relatively safer high-performance soft bag battery, and the system energy density is as high as 165WH / kg, which is also in a leading position in the soft bag battery. ME7 has two battery pack configurations, with 54.2 degrees / 72.3, respectively, and the integrated endurance corresponds to 410 km / 530 kilometers, which is equivalent to one of the competitors.

In terms of electric drive, ME7 matches the latest generation of flat copper wire permanent magnet synchronous motors, maximum power up to 160kW, maximum torque 330N · m. The integrated power consumption of two battery life is 15.8 degrees / 15.3 degrees per 100 kilometers, and this power system is not only energetic, but also very efficient.

In addition, since the internal and outer ornamental design of ME7 has more plasticity due to the development of the pure electrical architecture platform, there is more plasticity, and there is no oil to look like it. Sky ME7 uses the original design concept of “Pioneer Reconstruction Meta”, and it is directed by the Porsche, the leader of Hakan Saracoglu, which is the vice president of Skyline, is absolutely online.

In fact, this, ME7’s modeling design has won the German IF Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar” of the Industrial Design, has a total of full. In fact, compared to interior and external design, as well as shallow parameters, smart consumers often like to watch a car parts brand.

According to Niu Shengfu: “We have very high design importance to ME7, such as part of parts, we all use mainstream suppliers, many core parts such as motor, vehicle controllers are Bosch, turn to Bosch, complex The core system is very reliable, which is a product of first-class suppliers. “

Based on the ME7 product for mainstream suppliers, then the price of its price – the price range of RMB 218,800-289,800, almost half of the ES6. In this way, the price of ME7 is too beautiful. ME7 is dominated by Niu Shengfu’s top engineer who has worked for more than 20 years in the original Shanghai Volkswagen, and the strength cannot be ignored.

Electric cars are not just used to drive, but also a way of life!

On January 28, BMW official Xuan IX3 price reduction of 70,000, and this is just two months away. Yes, after Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Lexus, BMW is also planted in the electric car market, which is accurately planted at the new forces headed by Tesla. Because, with the traditional luxury brand electric car, there is different, and the new forces high-end car sales are floating. Since then, this is very different from market feedback, has to cause industry thinking: why traditional luxury brands are no longer strong, why their electric car is not fragrant, even if the price “faster”, but still sell? The reason is that the electric car is not only used to drive, and it is a way of expression and extension of lifestyle.

So we see that electric vehicles are more and more intelligent, and there are more and more on the vehicle screen. The Chairman of the Sky Car, CEO Zhang Haiwang believes that “ME7 ‘5 + X’ is more than five screens, but also the evolution of human-computer interaction, continuously expanding the car scene, constantly upgrading the car life! We hope people Beautiful life can be easily implemented on the road to travel. “

Also, with the booming of mobile Internet, the boundaries of car companies and users are getting more and more blurred, and the car has become a link between each other. From the operational practice of the new forces enterprises such as Juanla, the boundaries have already disappeared, and the users are not a matter of dinner with Li Bin.

“Sky ME7 is more than just a step-by-step tool, but also a fashionable technology product, but technology is not only rational and calm on ME7, but also in digital high-level, emotional communication, and user-friendly participation.” At the ME7 listing, Niu Shengfu made such a product definition. He said that the relationship between the company and the user is not available.

Based on such consumption changes, the product of the car is also changing in the lame. For traditional cars, the core product is more than the engine + gearbox assembly, but for smart electric vehicles, the three-power system has become a foundation, and the proportion of intelligent systems will get more and more.

So we see that the Tsela’s large-screen design concept of Tesla in the past few years has now become trend, and it is further enlarged by domestic enterprises. ME7 is this leader, not only has up to 5 screens, but can enjoy the bonus brought by car intelligence, more “x” – can also add 4 mobile devices, and provide wireless exploration software service.

For example, the intelligent driving of everyone is universally, ME7 is equipped with a leading ME Pilot smart driving system, which can achieve Level2.5 level of smart driving assistance, including ACC adaptive cruise, LKA lane maintenance, APA / RPA automatic parking, etc. core function.

On the smart cockpit, this is also the most unique place for ME7. It uses a 5 high-definition screen, a dual-screen dual-screen dual-screen, which uses an instrument, medium control screen, a co-driver screen, and a double-screen switch. To this end, the sky has also created multi-screen dynamic push, realizing the play, synchronization and sharing of information, entertainment, music, film and so on.

In the independent assessment of a leading self-service from the media, ME7’s intelligent performance and experience is the first, and the power of Xiaopeng P7, Tesla Model 3 is like a good hand, it can be seen that ME7’s intelligence is like a screen of the screen. It is also a veritable high.

Apple cars are adding Code R & D, which indicates that smart cars will have the development trend of the future. Nowadays, the skyline has undoubtedly accounts for the track, and ME7 has also become the existence of intelligent electric vehicle benchmarks. However, the sky car does not meet the achievements and glory in front of you.

Zhang Hai Liang said that “Sky ME7 will continue to provide users with better travel services and personalized experience through various innovative technologies, software, application scenarios, and truly become the bridge of smart cars and life scenes.” So, If you want to ask where ME7’s smart border, maybe only “horizon”.

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