Automatic driving travel platform landing, Apollo Commercial broke out, Wall Street revaluation Baidu

By | February 10, 2021

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On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Baidu welcomes the “Niu” year with a hundred billion dollars.

On February 9th, after the opening of the US stocks, Baidu stock price continued to rise, and the disk has once touched 304.24 US dollars, the maximum increase of approximately 10%, creating a new high history, and the market value also broke through 100 billion dollars for the first time.

Detailed close, Baidu US stocks rose 6.67%, the market value of 106 billion US dollars, became one of the five-market value of more than 100 billion dollars in the United States.

1, Baidu City Value Station 100 billion dollars, create history

This is also the rise in the 7th trading day of Baidu.

In fact, in the past two months, Baidu stock prices have doubled from more than 140 dollars to the current $ 295.

The ARK Fund, which is called “Cathie Wood”, known as “female version of Buffett”, has continued to add Baidu from the second half of 2020. The latter is the only Chinese company in the top ten heavy wares in the Ark Fund.

On February 9th, Baidu City, February 9th, Baidu landed in Guangzhou Huangpu District, which was automatically driving Maas (Mobility AS Service, Travel, “Platform.

Simply, MaaS can understand that it is a platform that can drive automatic driving.

This is another important process for Baidu Apollo commercialization, and is also the world’s first multi-model automatic driving travel platform.

According to Baidu’s plan, it will also deploy hundreds of automatic driving vehicles in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, nearly 1,000 automatic driving connections.

This also means Baidu Robotaxi officially opened the normalization trial operation in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.

In addition, in front of February 9, there was a media report, Baidu launched a 5-year $ 3 billion in financing.

Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Citi and Star Exhibition Bank is Baidu’s bullet-type loan (the loan of the loan after the loan due to the expiration of the loan, the loan for the middle and short period) was originally entrusted The underwriter.

These two big news is the direct reasons for stimulating Baidu stock prices on February 9.

In addition, Baidu is a good news in recent hours:

On February 7th, the international investment bank returned Baidu’s target stock price to $ 325, and adjounted its valuation from Apoll to $ 40 billion;

On January 11, Baidu announced the formal formal intelligent mutual car company to enter the automotive industry, and Geely Holdings Group became Baidu Motor Company’s strategic partner;

In addition, Baidu is preparing to return to Hong Kong.

In a series of positive news, push Baidu stock prices into the rising cycle of up to two months.

Behind the short-term share price rose, Baidu Apollo’s business input is gradually fulfilling.

At the same time, Baidu has launched the car, and these layouts have created greater imagination for their follow-up development.

2. Smart Driving Business Apollo is about to enter commercial explosions

In the past two weeks, Baidu first was awarded a full-driver test license for the United States California open road.

This means that Baidu Apollo starts in North America and Waymo, Cruise, Zoox and other companies, and the frontal context of all driverless technology.

And on February 5, Beijing announced that the 2020 automatic driving road test data. When the annual mileage of all enterprises at the Beijing road test reached 1.17 million kilometers, Baidu exclusively 96%, the whole year used 55 cars to run 11.2 million Kilometer.

From Silicon Valley to Beijing, in China’s two automatic driving development hinterland, Baidu Apollo is a fruit, Robotaxi technology research and development and land operation are acceleration.

On February 9, Baidu Apollo expanded the Robotaxi floor map to Guangzhou.

At this point, Baidu Robotaxi normalized operation layout has set up four major cities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha and Zhangzhou. Shanghai will also join this ranks soon.

On the 9th, Baidu Apollo teamed up with Guangzhou Huangpu District to launch the world’s first automatic driving travel service (MAAS) platform that supports multi-style types.

Taking Baidu in the Yunhua City Activities in Huangpu District, the services of the Flower Municipal Activities Town is taken:

Baidu Apollo has deployed more than 40 drones in the Kowloon Lake Square and Phoenix Lake Resident Community, including Robotaxi, Robobus, Apollon (Minibus), Apollocop, 5 models of new species, providing automatic driving travel services for people within the region .

In fact, Maas has become a field of many industrial giants, including car companies, technology companies, and automatic driving companies.

Such as Toyota, General, Ford, Waymo, Cruise, Mobileye, etc.

Baidu Apollo launched the Maas platform in Guangzhou Whampoa, the biggest feature is to support multi-model, including Robotaxi, Robobus, Minibus, etc. to meet user more complex travel needs. At this point, Apollo is faster and more radical.

According to market research institutions, TRACTICA is expected that by 2025, Maas’s global market will grow at a daily average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%, and become a market worth 560 billion US dollars.

Automatic driving will capture the largest piece of cake in the Maas market.

In addition to breakthrough progress in the Robotaxi field, Baidu Apollo has recently made good progress in the premium production:

In January 2021, Baidu and Weima cooperated the world’s first AVP mass production model Weima W6, which will be listed in April this year.

Baidu Based on the L4 Automatic Driving Solution Apollo Lite Definition Created Pure Visual High Order Auto Driving Scheme ANP, will also enter the mass production process.

Baidu Apollo objective is to achieve a front scale of AVP + ANP in the next 3-5 years.

In addition to Robotaxi and car intelligent business, in a larger smart city dimension, Baidu Apollo also has intelligent transportation business to help modern city intelligent upgrades.

In 2020, Baidu Apollo has got a large number of large orders.

Amirred Baidu Apollo won the bid “Guangzhou Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone for automatic driving and car road collaborative” new infrastructure ‘project “, the project amount is close to 460 million yuan.

In November 2019, Baidu won the bid “Baoding City Intelligent Transportation (Baoding Ai Traffic Management Brain) Procurement Project”, the project budget exceeds 100 million yuan, and this project has been delivered in 2020.

In addition, Baidu has also taken thousands of yuan in the Changsha High-tech Zone and Hefei Baohe District.

Baidu Apollo has gradually released the capacity of its business.

Robotaxi’s large-scale deployment, intelligent technology, and commercial orders in intelligent transportation, the capital market has also “revalifies Baidu”.

International well-known investment banks issued a survey report in February, giving Baidu’s automatic driving business valuation, from the previous 20 billion US dollars to $ 40 billion, while significantly raising Baidu’s target price to $ 325.

The latest development of screenshots

The latest development of screenshots

For the logic, Si Ni analyst explained that the Chinese government is vigorously promoting automatic driving landing and application in China, which helps Baidu intelligent driving technology widely used.

In addition, Rui Si believes that the future automatic driving function subscription mode will be the mainstream, assuming that the monthly fee of 700 yuan per month is about 8,400 yuan.

At present, there are approximately 270 million passenger deposits in China, as well as 20 million new cars, which evaluate China’s automatic driving subscription service will approach 50 billion yuan.

Rui Si report also said that Baidu is in a leading position in intelligent transportation and car intelligent technology, and the Chinese government is constructing a smart transportation network plan including road collaboration, which will drive automatic driving business. development of.

In fact, in addition to Rui Si, Haitong International, Aubenheim and 86 and other research institutions have also issued the development report, give the “buy” rating for Baidu.

3, global science and technology giant bet, smart car track has been confirmed

5 of the world’s 10,000 companies, more than 2 trillion US dollars, more than 1 trillion US dollars, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, Alibaba, $ 600 billion, all of the smart cars and unmanned drive Tao.

When the global science and technology giants have bet, Baidu is more secure, and the independent car company is announced.

Baidu’s product is still in the “Start” phase.

Although the product is still preparing for the early recruitment phase, Baidu has prepared for this year in technology research and development, whether AI or automatic driving, it provides the possibility of “Baidu Auto”.

Moreover, Baidu will choose to cooperate with Geely, based on its SEA smart vehicle architecture to create high-end intelligent electric vehicles, which will speed up a large speed of Baidu.

At the moment, the global automotive industry is moving towards intelligence, electricity, and Tesla, which is the firm and optimistic about the world’s high-rise.

In Baidu, the admission of the admission is in the era of pulse.

Weekend Research Institute, which was established within 2013 Baidu, Baidu’s research and development and landing.

In the next few years, Baidu is a key to the ai to bet Ai, which will use the key to the future of the layout.

As a key track in AI, its smart driving business apollo is also open, from automatic driving to automobile intelligence, then to intelligent transportation, business scope is expanding. AI technology’s change in the automotive industry is the most imagination of technology in the next decade.

As the market value creates a new high, Baidu’s AI change can be said to be stepped into the harvest.

Today’s automatic driving technology is still in the early days, and the discussion of intelligent electric vehicles on fuel vehicles has just begun.

In such a hundred trillion dollars, millions of dollars are only the starting point.

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