Tesla’s enemy is coming! Apple wants to make a car, Masque is not panic?

By | February 9, 2021

Apple has always been a big unknown mystery of the technology circle. It shows that Apple cars have arrows on strings and land is only a problem.

As early as 2013, Apple released iOS in the car, and then developed into a popular Carplay car system, allowing iPhone mobile phones to achieve seamless connection with the car. Subsequently, the 2014 Apple secretly launched the “Titan Plan” of the automobile project. After several years of preparation, it is reported that Apple is expected to release new cars in September 2021, officially released in 2023.

Given that Apple is a hard software, chip, operating system, and application ecology, which makes Apple not only have the ability to “product”, but also more “technology”. So, will Apple make more impact on Tesla?

It is certain that in the past six years, Apple has invested huge human and financial resources to promote Titan project. Sustaining talents from various automotive industrial chain companies, Apple has brought one of the most iconic effects of the industry in the past few years.

Among them, Tesla is even. Apple Titan Project Digs at least 46 Species, covering Autopilot, Quality Assurance, Power Assembly, Mechanical Design and Firmware Engineers, and several global supply chain managers.

Relying on Apple’s strong fund reserves, for the equivalent technology, software and manufacturing engineers, Apple payable can reach twice the Tesla. So Tesla employees self-ridicpeting: “You can’t go on Tesla, you can go to work.”

The car is a multi-discipline, high-tech threshold, requires a lot of technical reserves and excellent talents. It can be seen that Apple has taken out twelve heart to promote Titan project. However, due to the high-rise swing, Apple waste the most valuable assets in the competition: time.

Why is the time is so precious? Let’s see Tesla’s development process.

Tesla all the way to crawl in 17 years, with a few degrees of funds, bankrupt, rumored, but it succeeded. Mask is seen as a representative of the American dream after the Jobs era, global consumers are extremely willing to pay for his dreams.

Even if Apple has huge cash reserves, with money to dig Tesla’s staff, Mask is looking for a group of people again, and everyone will still follow Mask. And Apple has been “an endless” in the past six years. And this 6 years, it is precisely the key year of the development of new energy auto industry.

Even if Apple is now stepped up in research and development, by 2023, Apple cars officially landed, who can expect that Tesla will develop to what is the situation? The car is the pearl of the modern industrial crown, and its competition will eventually rely on the product. From this perspective, look at Apple Auto, really away from Tasla.

In other words, from the computer spans the phone, it is not so big, and from the mobile phone to the car, the difficulty can be said to be an index level.

Can Apple can’t make electric cars? The answer is sure, see Xu Jiayin and Hengchik know. The question is, can Apple can’t be burstless like Tesla?

First, Apple has no technical cost advantage. Tesla has a technology advantage of smart auxiliary driving, where is the core competitiveness of Apple? It is not a successful mobile phone, and the car will be successful.

Second, mobile phone works are normal, and the automotive foundry is not at all. In this regard, Tesla has a built-in factory, cost, and more controllable. Modern cars are apple-based and will inevitably increase manufacturing costs.

The most important point is that the new product has been adventive, and the market and consumers are needed. It is not difficult to make an apple, the key is that there is no new innovation or surpass Tesla’s product. The car is far from “good looking”.

Moreover, Apple is almost expensive in the same field, and the price of Apple cars will not be cheap. And “leeks” ratio, Apple car lost a city. Of course, the apple fans are numerous and sales will have.

Therefore, Tesla has the advantage and automatic driving advantage. It is difficult to be shaken in a short period of time in the new energy vehicle industry, even if the new bureau is Apple. Similarly, there is also Microsoft, Lenovo, such industry leading enterprises transition to do mobile phones, everyone reports to huge expectations, the last fluff. In the new and new force of the car, Apple cars and even many new players, who can survive, only give the time to test.

In the history of Apple’s development, a very interesting phenomenon is the successful product from the hand of Jobs. After the death of Jobs, Cook developed has not given us too much surprise. Similarly, Teslai with Mask is Tesla.

I can’t look at the apple, there is no apple of Jobs, I have only one of the body, and it is only greedy capital. Apple does have capital and have the ability to make a car, but it is still not optimistic. Ask the Cook this charging head to the province, what level of car can I make?

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