What signal is released by Masque’s direct control?

By | February 5, 2021

Recently, Toursrah Masks received an interview with international car analyst Sandy M Unro, and expressed his own views for the quality control of Tesla. Among them, when asked, “When should I buy Tesla? Mask wearing the world’s riper,” I bought it at the beginning, or wait for the production to stabilize it. But in production acceleration In the process, it is really difficult to rose straight lines and do it in all small bars. “This also triggered a small dispute.

One of the controversies is that this sentence is easy to interpret as “Do not buy Tesla during production acceleration, otherwise the quality does not guarantee”! That is to say, Masque not only realizes Tesla’s problems, but also finds a reason for the romance; two of the controversy, it is to have no attention to Tesla, why is it to be widely respected, or even, let The car madman, the ultimate goal of Testra is the annual production of 200 million electric vehicles! Such madness not only makes Mask’s unscrupulous, but also feels how big is Tesla manufacturing in reality and ideals!

If the success of Tesla, it is the fact that it is achieved by innovative technology, then how much is the factor of speculative, and no one is unclear. I only know that in the instability stage of the stock market, Tesla’s share price is often the most obvious in the automotive enterprise, which means that those stocks that look at the heavy Caslan, in fact, it is difficult to really truly in the car. The development of the industry is in the heart! This time, Master Mask’s truth is confirmed by Tesla, and only pays attention to the two heads, not to pay attention to the intermediate problem.

The automotive market and consumption are obviously the most important importance, possibly, beautiful shape and dazzling form, maybe in a short period of time, even, will attract some young people’s attention, but want to be true The test of time is only the key to realize the product for a long time. Therefore, Tesla is not only to be in favor, “brand is not guaranteed”; “also has to say a big fortune of 200 million electric vehicles, there is really a huge contradiction! To this end, people can’t help but ask, where is the consumer at least? !

In fact, there is a new phenomenon that is not conducive to the blind expansion of Tesla, and the sales of electric vehicles in the German market, which has surpassed Tesla in the market from the recent electric vehicle sales. However, it is not possible to say that at various multinational companies realize that the importance of electric vehicles, Tesla’s survival will be extremely squeezed, which is obviously the fact that it is not worthless!

Similarly, Master Mask claims that Testla ultimate goal should be annual 200 million electric vehicles, and, it is necessary to maximize the mass and Toyota, maybe he didn’t think that consumers were a generation of generations looking at the public. Toyota has developed, and the technical and quality requirements of the public and Toyota are more strict! And Tesla, just take care of the two-headed practice, not only violates the law of automobile development, but also the great disarity of consumers!

In fact, the reason why Tesla’s head people has repeatedly occurred, obviously inseparable from the market value of the day. Although can’t be said, Tesla’s manufacturing is a huge bubble, but the uncertainty factors in its market value are really unimaginable! At least, it is not difficult to see from this time Mask himself to recognize the problem. It does not pay attention to the quality of the control, etc., it is equal to letting consumers see Kesla’s short board! Because, consumers pay attention, from a long time, only technical control issues, rather than show off, this may be Tesla and new forces to make car companies best need more seriously! Otherwise, it can only be the foot of the stone …!

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