Weima cars provoked disputes, priced at 139,800, and the maintenance price is 100,000 yuan after bumps?

By | February 5, 2021

As the second-line emerging brand after the domestic, ideal and Xiaopeng, the development of the Weimar has also said that the situation in recent years can also speak smoothly. However, in the near, a Weima car owner revealed to the media that she purchased a Weima car priced at 139,800 yuan, due to a bump, leading to damage to the battery pack under the chassis of the vehicle. After 4S shop detection, the two sets of battery packs under the chassis are damaged. If there is no potential risks and affect the number of warranty of vehicles, the number of battery packs is 5 groups, and the maintenance price is 100,000 yuan.

In the face of such a high maintenance cost, the insurance company insured by the owner said that it is unacceptable. After all, this car is 1.398 million, and the simple replacement battery pack needs to spend 100,000 yuan. This is really surprised, so I ask Weima Auto official to give relevant certificates, prove the 5 sets of battery packs. Replacement reasons and price details. The official response of Weima car said that the content provided by the insurance company is commercial confidential and cannot be available.

Since the two parties have negotiated into a deadlock, natural claims work cannot be carried out smoothly. This makes the owner feel uncomfortable, so the owner has requested help from the media. For this incident, the media also expressed his question. The vehicle was priced at 139,800, and it takes 100,000 to replace the battery pack. This zero ratio is only in some luxury brand cars.

According to the relevant information provided by the owner, we can check the specific model of the model on the network. The car is Weima EX5 MATE VIE version, the price is 139,800 yuan, from June 2019, NEDC working conditions under endurance The mileage is 400 kilometers. And we will then find relevant policies for new energy carriage subsidies at the time in 2019, it can be found that when the battery is more than or equal to 400 kilometers, the vehicle can enjoy a $ 25,000 policy subsidy. If it is 25,000 yuan on the basis of the price, the maximum price of the car is 164,800 yuan. As the most expensive part of a car, the price of the battery pack occupies two-thirds of the price of the whole vehicle, 20 sets of battery packs of the whole car will be 100,000 yuan, then the 5 sets of battery packs are 25,000. yuan. Even if you add working hours, the cost will definitely not reach 100,000 yuan of the manufacturer’s quotation, such prices are really unacceptable.

After the media’s understanding, netizens found a lot of moisture in the maintenance quotation of Weima, the final maintenance price of the owner was 75,000 yuan.

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