I don’t want to be “Foxconn”, which is more gambling intelligent

By | February 5, 2021

In recent years, almost all car companies have been talking about smart, but there are very fews of doing well.

The rear of this, there is a certain relationship with the universal futures marketing of the smart electric vehicle industry, but the core is still too fast, the market is powered, the rhythm is too fast, and the domestic is not able to make a do handle, domestic intelligence The system supply chain system is not completely open, allowing marketing and landing.

Optimistic, with the improvement of self-research ability, and more close relationship with the supply chain, the landing of domestic cars will come soon.

As early as 2018, the car launched the Pivot intelligence system, mainly including three-electricity, cockpit, driving three aspects, start systematic layout intelligent technology. Despite the attention of intelligent importance, but also made systematic naming, research and development and application promotion, but compared to Xiaopeng, it is a new forces, which is a slow landing rhythm in the intelligent landing. .

So we saw that in this spring communication meeting, the car directly raised the banner of “heavy cost smart technological innovation”, and asked Ouyang Ming to stand up, especially the beginning of the end of last year. The round financing of 2 billion yuan is almost entirely investigated to the development of intelligent technology to fully promote the “public product intelligence” strategy.

Yes, after $ 2 billion, after the Eureka 03 platform, the car will put the 2 billion yuan chips in your hand in the smart balance, and a smart future.

Don’t ask for the strongest, suitable for which is good!

“The highest talent is 150t, this data is not enough.” When I will send a powerful data of a car smart driving system to an industry friend, he complained. Indeed, in January, the ET7 gross power issued is 1000T power, and the highest strength of the SAD has reached 1000 + T, which is not enough to see.

But can this explain which new intelligent system launched? Obviously it cannot be.

Intelligent electric vehicles are like internal combustion engine vehicles, which are the core indicators of a car performance, but the premise is the brand and product peer. The brand positioning of the awareness and intelligence is high, and the price is 3,400,000, and the brand is currently 5-2 million intervals, maybe it will be more than 200,000, but the brand is positioned as a whole.

If you say it, I’ve been the BBA in the smart electric car, so which is Toyota, the public. Therefore, for this intelligent system’s power problem, although it is not the strongest, it is not the lowest, and the overall is very flat.

In fact, compared to simple interact, more important, which is the core function of the pivot2.0 智 智 系统, because even if the power is maintained, the system is still It has strong investment value.

From the information disclosed by the press conference, this smart driving system can implement L3 +, limited scene L4. For the former, it should be Xiaopeng NGP, Wei to NOP these high-speed navigation auxiliary driving, and the latter should be Weima AVP this Parking is automatically driving, these two categories are currently driving the most popular scene features in the automatic driving, also in recent years.

Although the overall function is similar, but in the technical route, there are still some brands such as Xiaopeng, and there is a certain cost constraint behind this.

Business Tang Technology is a core partner of car intelligent technology. At this communication meeting, the car has revealed that he has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shang Tang Technology and Creative Witness. And the perception technology of Shang Dynasty Technology is based on visual perception, which is a high price / performance, but the function is not a comprehensive technical solution.

For new smart driving systems, which car disclosure, the new system is based on dual TDA4 domain control platform, equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radar, 18 cameras, 12-channel ultrasound, and 1/3 laser radar hardware perception.

In any case, for automatic driving, hardware is just a foundation, the function is good for king, which requires the long-term technical accumulation of deep learning algorithms and powerful heterogeneous parallel optimization capabilities, and this is the supply of Shang Tang Technology. Commercial strength.

Behind the intelligence, it is a core of the brand differentiated!

Not only in Near 2 billion yuan, but

From previous three-electric + intelligent synergy, now almost all in intelligence, what is the car map?

Fang Yun boat recently published one or two, he said, “One of the key to promoting high quality development of new energy vehicles is intelligent, promoting new energy vehicles, intelligent development, must practice new development concept. Rely on innovation The driver has increased, and vigorously enhances the company’s independent innovation ability, breaking through key core technologies as soon as possible. “

The meaning of the speech is divided into two parts, the first half is the industry trend, and the second half is the difficulty of enterprises to be solved.

Regarding the industry trend, with the breakthrough of a dry battery technology such as semi-solid batteries, silicon-donate supplement, there are also three-in-one electric drive, and the three-electric technology is more mature, and the battery is no longer the greatest obstacle to the development of new energy vehicles. When the three electricity tends to mature, it means that intelligence will be the next main battlefield of new energy vehicles.

Many traditional trucks feel that the software definition car is a pseudo-proposition, but it has repeatedly proves how true, when Baidu, Apple no longer hides the car ambition, as Gee, Kiansheng is willing to be “Foxconn”, you will know the future car discourse The right has long been out of the original auto industry, and has been extensive. Is it true that “Foxconn” is the return of car brands? Do not necessarily have all the brands, but there will be a lot. According to the logic line of the smartphone, the brand still has a strong value, and most consumers compete for the brand more than the product, but the brand will also be high and low.

At this communication meeting, the car jointly founder and CEO Zhang Yong disclosed which car brand vision and mission, according to him, “Which car is allowed to make high quality smart electric car tentacles can be visible To make public products intelligently, so that high-end products are popular, for mass consumer service. “

I personally think that the car is positioned like Huawei’s brand glory, take a price line, not the personalized public, not Xiaomi’s generous, nor Huawei, Samsung walks high-end high-end .

In fact, in September last year, Ai Chi pays with me that Ai Chi wants to be the kans in the car. However, his logic line is at the perspective of domestic and foreign markets, not intelligent electric vehicle development angles.

For the target user of which brand, Zhang Yong also said, “Serving 800 million people.”

Last year, the sales volume broke through 15,000 vehicles, an increase of 51% year-on-year, considering the epidemic, this increase is more considerable. In January this year, sales of 2195 units were increased by 119.3% year-on-year, and grew more gratifying. So, which is a sales target of 4-50,000 vehicles this year, and consider the excellent situation in the industry, it is not particularly exaggerated.

Ouyang Ming said, “Which car has been in the past in recent years, and rigorous and pragmatic continuous development technological innovation. I am a dear with this spirit of the team.” Slightly statistics, as of now, there is currently, which is probably At 28,403, but did not expose a spontaneous combustion case, no recall because of quality defects.

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