Which car: selling 40,000 this year

By | February 4, 2021

In 2020, there were 15,000 vehicles in cars; in 2021, sales should also increase 1.6 times.

On February 3, which car held a media communication meeting. Which car founder and board of directors were shipped, and the car jointly founder and CEO Zhang Yong and other executives, focusing on the company’s intelligent technology research and development results and the next step Planning, announced that it will invest 2 billion yuan for the construction of intelligent technology R & D center, and fully promote the intelligent strategy of mass products.

Zhang Yong said that in 2021, the sales target of the car was 4-50,000.

How to achieve this big goal? Which car will have to force from product, technology, marketing, and charging electricity services, including old models upgrade, new model research and development, changed tram type, battery bank launch and marketing model change.


Product popularity: battery life upgrade, change in electric shift

At present, where there is any N01 of the car selling, which is U and which is three pure electric models. Among them, which 吒 u and which 吒 V are launched in 2020.

In 2020, the accumulated sales of these three cars exceeded 15,000, an increase of 51% year-on-year, and a single month sales also broke through 3,000 units.

2020, which 吒 u and which 吒 V listed

Zhang Yong, in 2021, which is the car will launch which u, which is a change model of V. In order to better meet the personalized demand of users, which is based on which V is launched for girls’ version and sports. Based on which type U model, the car will upgrade the new version of the new version of the endless range of 610km.

At the same time, which 吒 The U NET will also introduce a shunt type.

Which u changed car

In addition to the above models, 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, which is the mass production model of the EUREKA 03 concept car will also appear. The car is based on which the new architecture platform of 2 billion yuan is built. It is a surplus electric vehicle, 300 kilometers of pure electricity, 800 kilometers, and the accumulated battery life is more than 1,100 kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that EUREKA 03 mass production car will be equipped with 3 laser radar, 5 millimeter waverad, 12-channel ultrasound, 18 cameras, based on next-generation controller, Eureka 03 mass production car under some scenes L4 automatic driving will be implemented.

EUREKA 03 quantity

In addition, based on the Ethernet SOA architecture, the EUREKA 03 mass production car will continue to evolve, realize the transformation and functional diversification of the vehicle full lifecycle OTA software, meet the individual demand for different periods of different consumers.


Investment of 2 billion, enhance intelligent level

Which car will safely establish the focus of intelligent research and development according to the industrial status and consumer pain points.

First, progress by focusing the Pivot 2.0 intellectual point system, which has made progress in the 2.0 power assembly platform, the Pivot 2.0 smart cockpit, Pivot Driver 2.0 smart driving.

In addition to sustainability in smart cockpit technology, intelligent driving technology, which will increase the development of charging and extension technology, aiming to pass 750V high-voltage high-power charging platform, constant temperature heat management system 4.0, integrated integrated formula R & D of the electric drive system to achieve the integrated battery life of 1100km.

In the intelligent cockpit, which car increases the research and development of AI domain controller, equipped with high pass 8155p / ti tda4 car grade smart chip, through CMS electronic outer mirror, OMS cockpit visual monitoring system, AR-HUD enhances realistic head display, The realization of the functions such as car shot and the game applets, to create a more intelligent security, more smart entertainment cockpit.

Which car smart cockpit

In terms of smart driving, the car will continue to develop smart driving systems based on dual TDA4 domain control platforms. By equipped with 5 millimeter waves, 18 cameras, 12-channel ultrasound, 3 laser radar, and on the basis of the 16T / 150T power platform, L3 + smart driving Pilot is implemented, and the scene L4 driving ability is limited.

At the same time, in 2021, the car will also strengthen the construction of intelligent technology research and development, through expansion of intelligent technology research and development center talent team, increase L4 intelligent driving, intelligent interaction and ecological cooperation, central computing unit, intelligent automobile operating system research and development, Thereby achieving intelligent technology research and development capabilities and intelligent technology results land.

To this end, which is 2 billion yuan in the car C round, it will be mainly used in investing in intelligent security technology.

In addition, the car is also actively cooperating with industry partners to accelerate the development and landing of intelligent technology. Which car recently worked with Shang Tang Technology, a time-to-hand driving signing strategic cooperation agreement, and the tripartite will cooperate in depth in intelligent driving technology.


Marketing change:

Electricity separation, battery rental, value repurchase, etc.

While strengthening product layout and intelligent promotion, the car will also make marketing changes as one of the 2021 jobs.

Among them, the most attractive note is the upgrade of the shift mode.

Zhang Yong introduced that the charging service, since the launch of the PV service in September 2020, the car has launched 60 intelligent fast charging stations, 1210 fast charge, which provides convenient power and electricity service.

In addition to the launch of which charging and charged business, the first quarter of 2021, the latest to the second quarter, which car will launch the battery bank to provide consumers with more charging electricity. Specifically, there are four major policies for electricity separation, battery rental, preserved repurchase, service worry-free. Which car exchange service

Marketing channels, which is the car to implement the ultimate cloud plan, take a variety of channel forms, introduce a variety of business methods, and achieve the fast sinking and upgrading of channels, which is convenient for consumers to buy cars. As of now, the direct store has been laid out in 13 cities across the country.

In 2021, the car will continue to transform from the previous distribution model to direct sales + distribution model, and the annual planning realizes more than 50 franchise stores and 150 stored layout.

Which car sales channel layout plan

In 2020, the car was ranked in the top five of China’s new product sales list. In January this year, 2,195 vehicles were sold, an increase of 119.3% year-on-year, maintained a more active sales situation. However, complete 4-5 million full-year sales scores, are also not easy.

Currently, there are 5,150 vehicles in 2021, and the supply chain capacity needs to continue to be improved. With the popularity of new energy vehicles, which is a car that is your own, if you want to maintain the position of the new forces, there are still many work.

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