Pure electricity is 85km 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption 1.3L, why is CR-V plug-in version?

By | February 4, 2021

Since the Nakaranda announced the news that Honda National University announced that the product of this Open Mixed version of CR-V is the object of our attention. After experiencing the debut of the Beijing Auto Show, Dongfeng Honda CR-V Ru Rui · Mixed E +, CR-V plugging mixed version finally landed in the range of 27.38 million -299,800 after subsidies on February 2nd. Chinese market.

For Honda’s first plug-in mixed product, with the official words, there is a hundred kilometers 1.3L low fuel consumption, which can achieve the maximum 85km long pure battery life, as well as the driving experience of the infinite EV … then CR- Vuru · Mix E + What is the difference between?

Unlimited approaching EV, redefine PHEV

In Honda’s hybrid body technology, we are not strange to i-mmd, and Dongfeng Honda is 2020, and the total sales volume of over-year mix and electric models have reached 10,6101, an increase of 68% year-on-year. The CR-V sharp mixed E + this launched is the first plug-in hybrid model launched by Honda. Its Sport Hybrid E + technology is based on I-MMD development. It is worth mentioning that this technology has been rated as world-class hybrid technology by the National Engineering Laboratory of Beijing University of Technology, with faster, farther, more smooth, and more reliable four major core advantages.

Specifically, this system is equipped with high efficiency 2.0L Atkinson circulating engine, E-CVT dual motor transmission, PCU power control unit, a new high capacity, high output IPU smart power unit, achieving a longer mileage Electric life mileage, as well as a higher driving texture.

CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E +, the engine maximum power is 107kW, the maximum torque is 175 N · m; the maximum power of the drive motor is 135 kW, the maximum torque is 315 N · m. Equip with a 16.3kWh battery, 1.3KWH used by the I-MMD technology architecture is 12.5 times, so the battery is up to 85km. At the same time, match the E-CVT dual motor transmission, which can realize a 100-kilometer comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.3L / 100km.

For increasing battery blocks, the space in the car is not affected. On the one hand, the CR-V sharp mixed E + body size is 4694 * 1861 * 1679mm, which is better than the length and width of the fuel model, and on the other hand, it is benefited from Honda “MM Idea”, CR- Vuri mixed E + through a flat battery pack.

Compared to most of the current multi-plug 50km pure battery life, CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + Changda 85km battery life can almost satisfy daily city commutation, and pure electric drive, strong torque and Slow driving experience, this itself has nothing to do with the EV model. So when CR-V sharp mixed E + shouts “infinite approaching EV”, this is indeed its greatest charm.

Three types of drive patterns to meet more air scenes

It is on powerful SPORT HYBRID E + technology, CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + enables EV, HEV, and ENG three drive mode to meet the needs of car under different scenarios.

For example, in EV pure electric mode, the gasoline engine does not start, when the start and medium low speed cruise, high-power battery drive motor, bring a strong back to the back, the large-capacity battery guarantees daily full electric driving, smooth power output, Bring excellent and quiet driving performance.

When a strong acceleration is required, the HEV hybrid mode can be switched to the HEV hybrid mode, and the engine power is used in power generation, and the motor is driven together, producing strong power, and achieves a smooth acceleration of no gap while instant speed. Thus, not only the peak torque output can also effectively avoid the waste of low efficiency of gasoline engines. When the vehicle decelerates, the energy is recovered by the motor and charging the battery.

When the vehicle holds high speed cruise at 80-100km / h, the vehicle will switch to the optical connection mode of the ENG engine. The power is directly derived from the engine, the power separation device is connected normally, and the battery pack will also be in the standby state to stand up next time.

In addition, CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E + has three modes of ECON, NORMAL and SPORT to meet the needs of different driving styles. In addition, the new car has also fully improved the tranquility in the car. The sound insulation equipment in the car uses an excellent sound absorbing material; reducing the vibration of vehicle vibration through the ANC active noise reduction system, enhances the stability, comfort and mute Feel, create a comfortable and comfortable ride. Even in a state in which the gasoline engine is working, it is still possible to achieve excellent tranquility space than the proposed EV.

With the launch of CR-V Ru Rui Mixed E +, CR-V becomes the first urban SUV covering the three power systems of “fuel, mixing, insert”, further consolidating the status of CR-V market benchmarks, and also help Pushing Dongfeng Honda into the mixing of oil and electricity mixing and plugging over a mixed 2.0 era. Dongfeng Honda said that in the future, CR-V will continue to make more customers with safety, peace of mind, and fun, and become more customers with safety, peace of mind, and fun, travel to more consumers.

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