Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 341 Recommended Table of Recommended Directory: 2 car companies debut, Changan hydrogen fuel passenger car will play again

By | February 4, 2021

On February 3, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has focused on “road motor vehicle production enterprises and products” (341) and “Enjoy the Savings Vehicle Capital Demonstration Directory” (24th Batch) Product Catalog Documents .

Figure 1 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued an announcement

It is reported that the 11 models of the fuel cell products in the new product of this batch were declared. On the 340 batch of 13 households issued earlier, 21 models were published in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which publicized fuel cell products decreased in the number of companies and models. However, it can be seen that the type of model publicity is outside the common models such as fuel cell bikes, and the fuel cell insulation vehicle, tractor, passenger car, scrubbing car, etc. have the list. The statement that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology seems to be in the current situation of “many models and sales in the domestic fuel cell car products”.

In the 341 “Recommended Catalog” announced in this publicity, the largest highlight is the Changan brand fuel cell passenger car again on the list. At the same time, in 340 batches of constant hydrogen energy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., there is a 2nd model publicity;

According to the investigation by the investigation, the company is controlled by the Beijing Yongyuan Business Management Center (limited partnership), located in Fangshan District, Beijing, has a registered capital of 30 million yuan, established in May 2019, judge the technical provider from Shanghai Old business constant power.

341st recommended directory fuel cell car details

The hydrogen chain learned that the 11th fuel cell commercial vehicle of the “New Energy Car Recommended Catalog” is 341, the fuel cell bike is 2, the fuel cell chassis is 2, fuel cell insulation vehicles, fuel cell tractor, fuel cell Wash the car, fuel cell refrigerator, fuel cell passenger car, fuel cell garbage trucks have 1 list.

Table 1 No. 341 Batch “New Energy Car Recommended Directory” details

Among them, Dongfeng Motor has the top most, 3; Henan Songchuan, Beijing Tianlu, Zhongtong Bus, Foshan Flying, Yutong Bus, Qingdao Ao Yang, Beijing Huarinte, Changan Auto, etc. There are 1 models;

Among them, Beijing Huarinte, Henan Songchuan, Qingdao Ao Yang and other car companies were the first time in the list of fuel cells.

In terms of fuel cell system support, there are 8 companies for 11 FCEV support, which are hundreds of Huadong, Hong Li hydrogen, constant hydrogen energy, oriental electrical, Shanghai Jiehua, Hai Zhuo Technology, New Source Power, alloy movement. Among them, hundreds of Huayong, Dongfang Electric, and constant hydrogen can be equipped with 2 sets of first; Hongli Hydrogen, Shanghai Jie Hydrogen, Hai Zhuo Technology, New Source, Zhongyu Power, etc. There are 1 package.

It is worth noting that Wuhan Zhongyu, Xinyuan Power and other old fuel cell system companies have once again unveiled the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the new strength of Xinjin, which wants to constrain the new strength, etc., which is a good news for the hydrogen energy industry. .

The hydrogen chain is noted that the recommended directory of the 339 Batch Department has publicly notified the Passenger Vehicle of Changan Hydrogen Fuel Battery from the new source power, and this time, in 341 batches, it shows Changan in hydrogen. Strictly strive, perhaps to indicate that the model will be mass production. The hydrogen chain learned that the Changan Hydrogen Fuel Battery version has appeared in 2019, but there is no news after the appearance.

Changan fuel cell passenger car

In terms of appearance, the overall shape of the new car is not large, the current CS75 model is not large, the front gas grille is still designed with the four-sided shape, and the network network uses a dot matrix shape, and the two headlights are combined with the Chinese network. The front is surrounded. Three-point design, the shape is dynamic. In addition, in order to convex the identity of hydrogen energy vehicles, the new car is in front of the front grille, the headlight group, and the front surrounding side are paired with blue decorative strips, improve the identification.

In the end of the car, the new car adopts the popular penetrating tail light group, with a smoked design, and the layering of the layers is clear, and the bilateral co-exhabore decoration is used. It is worth mentioning that blue decorations are also used in the “s” letter of the lower right corner “CS75” to further enhance the identity of its hydrogen energy models.

According to the information displayed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in terms of body size, the new car lengths are 4650/1850 / 1705mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm.

In terms of power, the new car fuel type is hydrogen, and the proton exchange fuel cell and the three-dimensional lithium battery are used, and the maximum power of the system is 218 horsepower, the maximum speed is 160 km / h. The fuel cell system has a new source of power. In addition, according to the previous exposed new car information, the car endless mileage can reach 510 km (hydrogen 450 km + electric 60km).


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