Declinations from the beginning of the year, the ideal bottleneck has been displayed?

By | February 3, 2021

On the first day of February, many car companies were published on the previous month’s production and sales, whether from the speed of watching or an overall trend, in January, the opening of the opening of 2021 is unbeworthy. Especially in the most concerned car new forces TOP three camps, Wei Lai Xiaopeng and the ideal basis have a high-mounted high, and the year-on-year increase reached 352.1%, 470% and 355.8%.

We have also found that in these three vehicles that are seen as seed players, only 12.2% of the ideal, which is also ideal for the first annual increase in the first ring since June last year. This can’t help but think about it. Is there a market that has been close to the bottleneck in the market for only one model to play the world?

The ideal sword walks, the black horse is not the martial arts?

In the past 2020, in the new power of the car, Sairin, the number of Bai Teng fell before the mass production car, and most of the car companies were very proud, especially in the year of black horse. The ideal car for TOP3 camp is even more envious. At the Spring Festival communication meeting of the ideal car last April, the ideal car founder Li thought low-key said. “As of April 29, Ideal One has delivered more than 2,600 users in April, since December last year, with more than 6500 Taiwan “, he added” Some cities have exceeded Hanlan Da. ”

It is precisely because the influence of the epidemic allows the whole car to be low-density or even a little bit, so that it is more stunning after seeing this transcript of “later”. At this point, the ideal of the lonely struggle begins to enter everyone’s vision, wearing a black horse robes, all the way to now.

It is undeniable that the ideal is successful, the early new forces “Hundred Regiments”, the ideal first mass production car launched is undoubtedly relatively late until December 2019, it officially opened the delivery, and the time is 蔚 来Still Weima, its single item has already broken 10,000 even breaks. However, the ideal of “the best in the evening” relies on the sluggish sales to put the TOP3 camp, and even set off the sustenance dialogue in Wang Xing and Weima.

Ideally did not live up to Wang Xing’s “playing Call”, not only refreshed the speed of the fastest 10,000 vehicles and delivery, and after running in NASDAC, the stock price increased, the market value once rushed into the global car company 18-bit. Ideal One year-on-year sales reached 33,457, successful surpassing the Si to ES6, Wema EX5 and other recruits are even more old, and the new energy sales top of the winner of BYD Tang DM.

From another perspective, the ideal one of the victory has some swords to take a good luck. Because Ideal One is the only medium-scale SUV product with the extension technology route during the domestic market. In the new energy market in China, the pure electric is unique, and the rest is inserted, and “double engine” that is proud of the Japanese cars, “weak mix” is actually excluded in the new energy And for the incremental cognition is a niche. This is precisely the ideal one largest selling point, after all, as Ideal One is listed, there is no endless anxiety. Just this advantage is enough to cancel the idea of ​​buying pure electric. What’s more, this is a medium large SUV. Ideally know the enthusiasts of the Chinese to “big cars” can be high.

In fact, when the ideal user evaluates the ideal one product, we also found that more people value “space” and “appearance personality”. Because this whole new energy field can meet such small needs, it is not much. The price of 320,000 is not low, it is just the blue sea market that does not have a real opponent. This is perhaps the main reason for the success of ideal one.

For ideals, even more fortunately, from the new energy policies issued in 2020, it is no longer a pure electric road to go to black, including increase-incremental, hydrogen energy, has also supported technical route 2.0 support. Ideal One can be described as a day when the land is stained.

Ideally do you want to change?

As we all know, new energy is not only a technical intensive industry, but also from technology to the vehicle’s internal combustion engine with generator power generation re-drive motor provides power, which is not fresh technology. Because I have already appeared at the beginning of the car development earlier, the world’s first increase-running power cars are even more early than the internal combustion engine. Therefore, including the public China CEO Feng Shan has also expressed in public cases, “worst, not environmentally friendly, and nuts.”

Of course, Li Xi is also very unlikely to express his own point of expression. “I will say it hard to listen, TMD is brought to stink, and I will rush us BB, what to increase the radio is a backward technology, I would like to ask them What is TMD? Let a group of unfamiliar thinking, completely don’t care about the user, research technology route, TMD what technology route? Hu said eight! ”

From the ideal second product information, it will still be a surrounding product, which is likely to use the 1.5T four-cylinder engine of the CE15F of the new morning power to ban the three-cylinder machine on the ideal one. However, the new car plan should be launched in 2023. In addition, the information that is not ideal for other product planning is currently flowing out.

We are temporarily regardless of whether there is a technical content in the extension, and the ideal itself is in the wind. It is now successfully launched three products, and the fourth paragraph will also open this year; Weima’s third product is expected to start in Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng has also successfully launched two products, covering SUV and cars. Of course, this is only compared with the new power of the car, the “Messe of Tesra Model Y, and the full production of the two MEB factories in China, the new energy battle will only be more in the new and old power. At this point, ideal will be more clear that the product update will become its largest constraint. More importantly, in 2020, Si Lis has also launched the incremental power products. In addition, Dongfeng’s picture is planning to plan a new energy power solution for multi-scene multi-scene multi-scene multi-scenario, which is a multi-scene new energy power solution, which is Ideal One’s Blue Sea market will not exist, then the future market is really going to take a knife to see the true chapter.

It is certain that the battle for new energy in the future must not just stay on the technology route of the power system. With the full application of 5G, smart driving will be the necessary roads of automotive products. Ideally good at the sword is the ideal, especially in the same time, trying different power technology is not as good as a step in place directly into the smart driving? And this is perhaps the ideal logic.

After May last May, the ideal and Wang Xing meet, there was a media to expose the idea of ​​Li Xi’s idea, “Li Wei), desperately selling a car, hoping to get an automatic driving season in 2025 At the entry ticket, to 2035, the ideal car became the world’s largest automatic driving operator. ”

Since then, in September, ideal and British Weida, De-Saiwei officially reached a strategic cooperation, and said the next generation of products will take the lead in using NVIDIAORIN chips, and it is expected that the mass production time is 2022. That is to say, it is ideal when doing automatic driving products upgrade, there is no choice of currently more mature suppliers but on the core components of future energy production.

At the same time, Ideally welcomed the world’s Chief Architect and Automatic Driving Director Wang Kai, who was the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), which was fully responsible for the development and production of intelligent automotive related technology, including electronic electrical architecture, intelligence Cockup, automatic driving, platform development and Li OS real-time operating system, etc. With Wang Kai, the ideal automatic driving team has been expanded from 60 people to 300. Today, the ideal car set up a R & D center in Shanghai, and the official expressed the newly established R & D center will be based on the frontier development of intelligent electric vehicle technology, including high voltage platform and ultra-fast charge technology, automatic driving technology and next generation of smart cockpit technology.

It can be seen that ideal is not a company that only look at the current data, from the beginning of its establishment, there is a different vision. From the initial opening of the increase in automatic driving, the ideal destination is not under the moment, it is three years later. So if you want to judge the current sales trend, you will understand the ideal meaning. What’s more, ideal is much better than a long-term consumption of funds and faster profits.

From this perspective, the current sales of sales is not an ideal bottleneck, unless it is an ideal nightmare unless it is stopped on the automatic driving technology route. According to the ideal planning, 2021 to 2022 realize NOA function (according to map navigation assist driving); 2023 launched a new model X01, standard support L4-level automatic driving hardware; in 2024 through OTA mode, let the models have L4-level automatic Driving ability.

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