Ford F-150 launches pure electric version, the appearance is still domineering, life is 300 miles

By | February 1, 2021

In numerous models, pick trucks can be said to be very unique, not only with SUV’s sports flasses and off-road capabilities, but also very powerful cargo, this model is particularly popular in rural areas, and this The quality of the model is also very flexible.

I believe that the most impressed pickup, or the most domineering pickup must be Ford F-150, and it is called a raptor, but it is not only the body, but also very domineering, other vehicles and it side by side, raptor A high other vehicle, so the car has also become a car for many people. However, the displacement of raptors is not environmentally friendly, but it is because so hard to see raptor.

However, Ford F-150 launched an electric version in the medium term in 2022, such a news, attracted many consumers’ attention. I want to be the day of the electric version of F-150, there must be a lot of people who love the pickup model will go to buy, and the Ford F-150 will not be too large. So, then follow the Xiaobian to see the performance of this electric raptor.

First look at its front face design, seeing the front face, is “domineering, burly, barbaric” a series of high-spirited synonymous, the whole face is a “brick” square, and it is very powerful. A burly muscular male figure can work. The intake grille is still domineering, a large block of uneven three-dimensional triangle decoration occupies half of the head of the head. But in addition to “tough guy”, its front face lighting is still very technically.

The side of the body is the pickup type, Founded model, the hard-striking line, the high level of the chassis, let this car “tough” temperament, give people a practical security and reliable feeling.

Of course, the power is still a place where an electric vehicle is most concerned. According to Ford official data, this “tough” electric pickup has a pound of 1 million pounds, and its battery life has 300 miles, which is 483 kilometers after conversion. One said that this car is really tough, this is a hard man, and it is still very resistant to it. How do you think this kind of Ford F-150?

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