Xiaopeng Automobile announced the recall, the G3 inverter has a total of 13,399, with your car?

By | January 30, 2021

For new forces, many people may not be strange. In the past few years, the new potential for domestic carnivities such as spring bamboo shoots, such as the new energy, ideal automobile, Xiaopeng car, etc., the new energy favorable policy, and the new power of the car, the new force, the fish, and began to develop rapidly. The market performance exceeds the fuel truck.

In many places, we also see that the car of the new power is also invested in the net approxishes, and the taxi operation is sufficient to see its influence. But there is a point that we have to attract us, that is, in the product quality, product quality maturity, new energy cars have indeed a lot of enhanced places. For example, we have seen many new energy vehicles self-ignition, they expose new Energy cars’ quality defects.

Recently, we learned that Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. is required to record the State Administration of Market Supervision Administration in accordance with the “Regulations on the Recallment Management of Defects” and “Regulations on the Recallment Management of Defects Car Products”. Planning, decided to recall Xiaopeng G3 car produced from March 29 to 2020, 202, from January 30, 202, a total of 13,399. Through this information, we also learned that the recall range vehicles is caused by car safety hazards.

This problem is manifested as a tin plating terminal of the inverter DC bus capacitor to connect the copper roller screw because the tin must cause a high-voltage DC positive negative pole to short circuit, which will cause the inverter without high voltage supply. Once this happens, if the vehicle is in a parking state, it is very likely that the situation that cannot be started, and this situation occurs if the vehicle is in the driving state, it is very likely that the vehicle is lost, it will cause the driving safety hazard, drive drive The passenger causes unnecessary losses.

This recall, Xiaopeng will replace the improved inverter free of charge for users to eliminate safety hazards. It is reported that this is the recall of Xiaopeng’s initiative, which also shows the attitude of domestic cars to the user. As we all know, in domestic product new forces, it is the most topical brand, and Xiao Peng cars will allow its brands to rise quickly, become the potential of Tesla Model 3. One of the opponents, also allowed its brand sales to innovation, improved the brand of Xiaopeng.

According to the latest sales data of Xiaopeng Motor: In the battle of 2020, Xiaopeng car is delivered 5,700 units, including Xiaopeng P7 handed over 3,691 transcripts, and Xiaopeng G3 also has 2009 The performance has achieved the same loop than double growth. The whole 2020, Xiaopeng car accumulated delivery reached 2,7041, an increase of 112% year-on-year.

It is the simultaneous force of the two cars from P7 and G3, so that Xiaopeng car sales have a high innovation. From the perspective of the sales performance of each month in 2020, the increase in Xiaopeng Auto is the leading industry. The author believes that as long as the domestic cars have professional cargo technology and end-positive product and the attitude towards users, product and service, do not have a high-rise in future competition.

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