Black Cat and Wuling MINI? Just a competition between the two practical vehicles!

By | January 30, 2021

Since my country’s implementation of reform and opening up, in addition to recent years, my country has become increasing in the international market, and the economy is increasingly developed. And for nearly ten years, some consumer goods that are originally in families are now gradually transferred to individuals. For example, the car is a big commodity. It is generally a family to buy one. Now most families are not satisfied with a car. The children generally have to buy a car that belongs to her own car, especially the young people who have just taken work. Therefore, the two protagonists today are born: the Great Wall Euler and Wuling MINI.

First, look at the price of these two cars, the price of the Great Wall Euler black cat is between 6.98-848 million, and the price of Wuli Mini is between 2.88-388 million. From the price, the gap is still very big. Although these two cars are positioned, why is the price will be so big?

Look at the appearance of these two cars, it is more and more and more and more and more, and the plasticity of the owner’s own modification is very plasticity. Euler black cat has a very simple design style with some cute design elements, it is a small fresh new, deep, deep, female users, and 12 kinds of appearance. Colors can choose from consumers, the double headlight set is circular style, it looks more like a cartoon car in cartoon world from the front; and the design of Wuli Mini is quite style, and it is very small. The car, I won the favorite of consumers, but I think it carefully. Is it very similar to Wuling Hongguang? That’s right, Wuling Mini’s design style and name source is the same as the reduced version of Wuling, Wuling Hongguang, according to Wuling Mili! But the body is smaller than Euler, and the door is only a double door.

After the introduction is introduced, let’s take a look at the interior. The appearance of the Euler black cat is not only eye-catching, but the interior is also extremely characteristic. The instrument panel is a double cylindrical design, equipped with a long-shaped central control, while the interior also brings some technical skills to consumers while having the characteristics of the cute feature; The interior of the next Wuling Mini is much practical, adding many ergonomic design, fully considering that the driver can use the function keys on the car when driving, and the function key is set.

Finally, I will look at the battery life. Euler black cat’s pure battery life has 301km, while Wuling Hong Kong MINI’s battery life is 120km. In contrast, Wuling Hongguang’s battery life has little, but if only in urban urban urban urban areas, the two cars’ battery life is fully able to meet the needs of consumers.

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