Sharing bicycle: Three giants game, Green Orange rushed “very difficult”

By | January 11, 2021

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In recent years, a bicycle industry has been a bicycle industry, and has experienced a wave of “burning money war”, which is calm and developed into a comprehensive strength of the giants.

In April 20020, the drip offeatum completed the third round of 1 billion financing, breaking the shared bicycle to date the largest financing record. Recently, the pieces of broth search for 500 million financing frequently occurred, but the news of the sashilin financing, the drip travel said: No response on the matter.

Whether the financing is unknown, but the broth in the giant game has really encountered a problem.

Drops of octines “very difficult”

Today’s capital has passed the frenzy investment, and the sharing bicycle industry has slowed overall, but the market is not really quiet. According to the data of Zhi Research, my country’s shared bicycle market in China is 23.68 billion, an increase of 5.86 billion compared to 2018, and the market size of 2020 is more than 29.4 billion.

The growth rate of sharing bicycle market is still, but the attitude of capital has become a wait. Nowadays, there are different consecutive environments, and capital adheres to the concept of “money to spend on the blade”. It will be more cautious in the face of sharing bicycles, and there are many problems in the drop of green orange, which makes the outside capital to share bicycles. The business is not optimistic.

It is reported that in the “three giants” of the bicycle track, the crest is the most serious. Previously, Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee official website report: Qingcine was punished 2 times due to violation of the vehicle, and there was a serious data fraud. Then, three have been reported to criticize the brand image of Qingqia, which has made many investors to question their development potential.

In addition, the essence of green lace is still the high-cost low-efficiency rental business of heavy assets. The profit model is too single, plus the loss of bicycles, high damage rate, low turnover rate, and high cost, now the green orange is still struggling And the profitability is weak, and it is difficult to get the capital favors.

So we can find that there is only 15 billion financing in the prematched, the 200 million financing of the Qianlian Union, and 8.5 billion investments inside the drip, and the end is the dripping in pushing the green lady to share bicycles. In short, the drop of green orange is to solve the “internal worry”, but also to deal with “external problems”. Today, the track is already a battle between giant players, and Qingchun still needs to be strong competitors.

Giant game, the gunpowder is more strong

Nowadays, the bicycle market has been shackled after a round of shuffling of the survival of the fittest, and the track presents the US group, Hello, and the “three-legged”. Among them, although the drip of Qingliu has obtained two rounds of financing, but the US group, Harbin sharing bicycle business is also tightening the layout, and the pressure of octanon is not small.

In terms of user volume, today’s platforms have a multi-line traffic entry such as app, applets, but there is still a big gap in terms of the number of monthly activities. In the moment, it is benefited from the Ali’s channel to support Hello’s active users, the top of the industry, dripping the green orange, the US group bicycle is chasing.

According to the data of Yi Ou Zhiku, Hello, with its APP and applet, two-channel traffic last year, two rounds of shared months. In November of the same year, Hello, Qingtut, US group bicycle APP and small procedures total active users were 72.32 million, 43.53 million, 28.36 million, and the proportion of three was about 5: 3: 2.

In terms of urban coverage, Harbin “Rural Enrich City” strategy has gradually achieved its national city coverage, and Qingchu has been opened in more than 150 cities across the country, but it is still more than Hello. It also needs to continue to cover the national scope, and continue to depth the market.

The shared bicycle business of the drip of the green orange and the US group focuses on more than 40 core cities, while Harbin travel has more than 400+ seats.

In addition, the current economy of the US group is more economical, the preferential activities and basic pricing are better than the other two, and the combination of joint members, Shu Yuekai, etc. will be launched, and the low-cost favorable form is more attractive. user. Moreover, according to easy-to-see analysis, in sharing two rounds of travel economical user satisfaction score, the US group bicycle is most favorable, the brand comprehensive score is up to 66.4, followed by Qingqiu followed the post into 66.0, and Harbang comment 59.3.

At the end, the cream, the beauty group, the Harbin layout shared bicycle area is to strengthen the power of the line.

US Mission acquires Momai bike, promoting the bicycle business of the US group, only to improve the living service ecology to eat, live, and travel; Harbin les on Ali, lend two rounds of travel efficiency, build its overall ecosystem in the local life; drop The drop is a shared bicycle, and the electric bicycle is integrated into “two-wheeled traffic”, and “two rounds” combine “four rounds” to improve the ecological closed loop expanded its entire line.

Most importantly, sharing two-wheeled car is high frequency for many users, so major players pay more attention to the market layout of their respective “two rounds”, and corporate players will share the bicycle business to “two rounds” layout An important part of the ripple, continuously adding competition, but also makes the war in the domestic sharing of bicycles become more strong.

Green orange accelerates

For the large environment of the entire travel, the sharing of bicycles in a bicycle in a second-line city is basically full, so players have turned to compete for domestic low-ranking market share. However, there are still many chaos, such as low user quality, overproduction, etc., which makes the bicycle’s operation, high loss cost, and many low-line urban supervision and punishment is getting strict, blue The landing development of the orange sharing bicycle can be described as “Dow-impediment and difficult”.

In this regard, the drip offeatty must be in depth, it is necessary to continuously improve the product technology and operational services of the shared bicycle track.

In terms of technology, Qingchun needs continuous technology upgrade to achieve iteration updates of shared bicycle products. For example, recent broth has applied 5G technology to a bicycle area, and it has also introduced Beidou High-precision split lock and other technologies. On the one hand, Qingchiu will integrate business and large-scale travel through science and technology, providing users with more secure travel; on the other hand, the management efficiency of shared bicycles can be improved by strengthening technology, effectively reducing business costs.

In terms of service experience, Qingchin will continue to optimize the user service experience to enhance the frequency of users, and attract new users to expand user size. For example, Qingquat should pay attention to the daily maintenance cleaning of the vehicle, and seek to process the replacement of old fault vehicles, or Qingcon can improve the efficiency of the user’s complaint service, strengthen the effective communication of the user, platform.

In short, Qingchiu should continue to adhere to the refinement operation, continuously strengthen the efficiency of operation, service, and launch a more sound business system and procedure for the sinking market operation and maintenance, so that a series of issues of sharing bicycles in low-line cities.

The Qing Dynasty, which has achieved a lot of results, but wants to compete for the market of sharing bicycles, and consolidate their competitive advantage, in addition to continuing to seek financing, expand the coverage rate of sinking, and needs from itself. Serve the service.

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