The ET7, which is a serpery, too amazing, but I am more expected to Tesla.

By | January 9, 2021

On January 9, 2021 was as contusion. It will also bring the industry’s first 150-degree electric solid battery pack, but also issued the first pure electric car ET7. From the officially released data, in addition to the 3.9 seconds of 100 kilometers acceleration time makes some disappointment, other aspects can be called a stunning!

In the process of watching the conference, @ Cos has been in the past: “I want to buy a! I want to buy a!” However, after the conference, this idea suddenly disappeared from my mind, replaced by Yes, it is now especially expected to be released by Tesla Model S Plaid.

Everyone knows that in addition to the public information such as life, acceleration, battery packs, Tesla is completely confidential for other configurations of Model S Plaid, interior upgrade scheme. According to Tesla’s traditional operation, Porsche Taycan issued Tesla, MODEL S Plaid came out to destroy the wind, Lucid Air, a release of Model s plaid, Model s plaid, come out, @ Cos , if Model S Plaid is better than the 蔚 来 ET7, Mask will not let us wait too long, must send Model S Plaid to take a look of prestige.

At this moment, @ Cos, especially expect Tesla next response and action!

Let’s review @ Cos:

1. The whole vehicle design is very high-level, which is fully equipped with its price. From the value of the value, no matter whether it is the standard BMW 7 Series or Tesla Model S, there is obvious advantage.

2, the whole car is 5098mm, width 1987mm, Bitcla Model S is larger, more free!

3, all-linenation seat heating, ventilation, massage, this is very conscience. The function is standard!

4, there is a second life of the temperature, playing very well, I like it very much!

5, the maximum battery is 1000 kilometers, this is really powerful, I still say that there is room for endless anxiety!

6, Wei is driving NAD, hardware is high enough, and far exceeding the current improvement of Model S. However, the point-to-point is automatically driving, in fact, in Tesla. Masque said more than once, from his home to the office, zero intervention.

7, NAD monthly fee is only 680 yuan, as long as it is easy to use, this price is still very worthless! The most important thing is that the old owners who have NP packs can also discounted! Here, you must @ Tesla, you are learning! Look at how people treat old owners!

8,100 degrees of electricity sold 506,000 yuan, the price is very surprised!

9, life free warranty, free exclusive charging pile, lifetime free of charge, lifetime free car network … These projects are charged on Tesla, don’t look at these inconsistency, long-term calculation is still a lot of money, Especially the sense of distinguished experience, it is difficult to buy!

In addition to the stunning of the above ET7, @ Cos is more envious of Li Bin, all the owners said, can upgrade 150-degree battery pack, this is really conscience! For those who like electric vehicles, but friends who are interested in automatic driving, they can be attractive than they are more attractive!

About this, I hope Tesla can also consider! Because, @ Cos really wants to change a big battery to Model S, so that it can be taken down as a main model. As for other new cars, I can let go of it, buy Roadster 2 or CyberTruck can do not need to use it everyday!

In the future, I will never say that the honorable Tesla owner will change the landlord!

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