Let the northern steam valley daily limit, what is the people in HiCar?

By | January 9, 2021

A “Beiqi New Energy will introduce the smart Internet car” of Huawei HICAR car system in the first half of 2021 to make Beiqi Blue Valley to daily limit for two consecutive days. Huawei, which is not currently doing, is already like a booster for steam companies, who touches who takes off. What is HICAR?

Hicar is just a carplay?

At the Huawei Developer General Assembly in August 2019, Huawei officially released the HICAR smart interconnection system. According to Huawei official definition, HiCar is the people provided – the car – home full-time smart interconnection solution, connect mobile devices and cars, using strong properties of automobiles and mobile devices, and multi-equipment Internetilities, mobile phones and cars Establish a pipeline, extend the application and service of your mobile phone to the car, realize the full-time experience of mobile phones as the core, and create a wisdom travel experience to consumers.

Do you think this is not the internet of the car? What is the difference between and Apple’s Carplay and Baidu CARLIFE? In fact, Huawei’s HICAR is logically different. Although Huawei HiCar also supports mapping, but also realizes the anti-control of the mobile phone. The application and service of the mobile phone will extend to the automobile. The two sides will form a “hardware community” to enhance the overall use experience of the vehicle system.

In addition, the reason why Huawei HiCar is called “Man – Car – Home Scene Wisdom”, which means it is just the interconnection of mobile phones and drivers, but also reflects the interconnection of home life. . In the actual experience, Huawei HiCar system is a smart home ecology via seamlessly, and it provides an option to “home mode”, “home mode” on the screen. For example, when you drive to work, click on [Home mode], you can close the lights in the home, turn on the camera, and let the sweeping robot enter the working state;, click [Home Mode], you can open the lights remotely. Curtains, air conditioning fans, etc.

Therefore, Huawei HiCar is not a CARPALY that is extended by an interconnection function.

On October 30, 2020, when Huawei released a flagship model Mate 40 series, a frying bright sword was made to the car circle: the smart car solution Hi brand was released. “1 new computing and communication architecture”, “5 large intelligent system”, “three major computing platforms, and corresponding three major operating systems”, “30+ intelligent components including laser radar”, soft and hard Huawei clearly gives the definition of the full stack smart car solution.

Huawei Intelligent Auto Solutions BU President Wang Jun gave three main business models at the time: the first focus on the hardware level, aiming at the world-class traditional Tier1, directly supplying laser radar, super fish eye camera, Ar Hud and other intelligent components; the second focus on software, based on intelligent driving, smart cockpit, smart car control three major computing platforms and corresponding AOS, HOS, VOS three operating systems, Huawei provides platform-based business, OEM Using a third-party partner for the upper layer application development; the third kind of joint development model, providing Hi brand full stack smart car solution, that is, Huawei’s technical advantage, car enterprise uses the vehicle advantage, and design and development of boutique models.

Just like the Intel’s LOGO, the computer machine is used, the future, equipped with Huawei’s full HI full stack smart car solution, and the body will have Hi LOGO. This means that the car is based on the product built by Huawei Hi brand, which not only represents the symbol of Huawei’s intelligent solution, but also the commitment of Huawei’s brand and technology in the intelligent automotive.

And this is the true cause of the two daily stops mentioned in the foregoing article.

Why is Beiqi new energy?

Wang Qiufeng, Vice President of Beiqi New Energy ARCFOX, and Wang Qiufeng, who is supervised by the brand marketing and communication, has written “Arcfox teamed up to Huawei: depth chimer in common value” in individual self-media. She said that Beiqi Xin Energy is in Huali to be traced back to 2017, three years, from Joint Founding “1873 Davidon Innovation Laboratory” to the Arcfox Series Terrace system with HI solution, the two sides deepen the rhythm of cooperation accelerate.

In November 2020, the deputy general manager of Beiqi New Energy, ArcfoxBu president, revealed that “Arcfox Neglings and Huawei jointly built ARCFOX extreme fox latest product HBT will be listed next year.” Although Huawei has established more than 30 car brands Cooperation, but the information of the country is still revealing that Beiqi’s new energy will be the first person to eat crabs.

After a month, Huawei officially released the 96-wire long-distance solid-state laser radar and a complete ADAS solution, and the identity of the smart electric vehicle with Huawei three-laser radar scheme is the new product after Arcfox, after αt, HBT . Wang Qiufeng said, “The new model will first engrave the first time Hi (Huawei Smart Automobile Solution).”

For example, Wang Qiufeng said that Beiqi new energy is a high-end electric vehicle, which is now the “autonomous high-end” trend, and Arcfox is the “technology force” as a luxury kernel. The mechanism that carries Arcfox technology is the “1873 Davidon Innovation Laboratory” founded by Beiqi New Energy and Huawei. The laboratory is driven by high-grade intelligent driving and intelligent network technology. Based on chips, software and integration, build a complete vehicle system to form a complete business competitiveness. Therefore, the quantity of Arcfox HBT has nowhere to be significant for Beiqi’s new energy or Huawei.

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