This good cat average power consumption is up to 20 degrees / 100 kilometers, I am a Buddha!

By | January 8, 2021

Text / Qi Ming

These two days went to Shanghai, the Euler Auto 4S shop in Shanghai – Shanghai Greenwei Shanghai Yi Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. looked at the cat and simply tried to drive for a while. The overall feeling is that the car driving is good, but it is found that it will fall out of power. If you don’t run a few minutes, you will fall for five or six or six orificated.

Subsequently, I checked the power consumption data of this good cat – a good guy, the average power consumption of 20 degrees / 100 kilometers, a bit shocking, this data can be saved by the shoulder to ES8 these large pure electric SUV ~

At present, like a good cat such as a small urban walking electric car, generally has a comprehensive 12 degree / 100 kilometers, some or even 10 degrees / 100 kilometers. Even if BMW IX3 These medium-sized pure electric SUVs are only 18 degrees / 100 kilometers.

No matter how compared, the power consumption of a good cat is high.

Why is so high?

Regarding this good cat’s power consumption so high, I consulted the store’s Xiaofeng, he was responsible for the sales of good cats, he gave me this car’s power consumption why so high, he said this good cat is currently No installation, the test drive site in the park where the 4S shop is located, because the road is very narrow, the speed is low, so the power consumption is high.

Xiaofan said nothing, but it is difficult to explain why this good cat power consumption is high, and it is an average power consumption, not instantaneous power consumption.

Under the case, the good cat is used by the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the rated speed is 3000 rpm, converted, the best efficiency speed range is 40-80 kilometers / hour, followed by 40 km / h. Congestion The interval, the most charged is 80 high-speed intervals. As far as the driving conditions of this good cat are located in the second speed range.

So, although this good cat is not working in the best speed range, it is not in the most cost-effective vehicle speed, and now the average power consumption is so strange, it is not available. This shows that if it is driving on the high speed, the average power consumption is higher.

High power consumption is high, meaning that life is not used. Take this good cat as an example, comprehensive battery life is 501 kilometers, 59.1 degree electricity, with this average power consumption of 20 degrees / 100 kilometers, can only run about 300 kilometers. Non-high-speed working capacity is only 60%, too low. If it is a high speed, it is estimated to fall below 50%.

Of course, the above analysis is only for this average power consumption of this test drive, this data is indeed too high. As for other models, it is difficult to say.

Doubles, light power consumption – selection of lemon pure electric electricity

In the face of this abnormal data, I checked the official comprehensive power consumption data of the Cat: 13.2 degrees / 100 kilometers. Well, this data looks normally, but it is still some “high”. As for actual performance, I am estimated that there are about 14 or 15, as soon as this type of small scooter is high.

Why is so high? I think about it, may be the product positioning of the Great Wall to the product of this car. Because the bodies already have black cats, white cats two small pendant electric vehicles, but the price is in 100,000, for the product differentiation, the good cat is either down, or down.

From the results, Lua is to make a good cat, the core is that this appearance is too “tempting”, and the Porsche classic design, this appearance is worth thousands, tens of thousands? Xiao Feng also told me that many people bought a cat is rushing on this look. Since a good cat is chosen, then the battery life cannot be pulled.

At present, the urban small electric vehicle’s battery life is generally 300/400 kilometers, and the power is about 40 degrees. And the good cat is 400/500 kilometers of the battery life, the battery is 47.8 degrees and 59.1 degrees. As for the next year, it will not push 300 kilometers to grab the market, maybe it is said to see the black and white cat market is placed on.

Since the battery is improved, the quality of the good cat has also come to 1510 kilograms, and the 200/500 kilometers of life is as heavy, because low-life is a ferrite battery, and the high-end is a three-dimensional lithium battery, the latter energy density dominant. Although the lemon pure electric platform has made a lot of lightweight efforts, the battery is too heavy, thereby also leading to high power consumption.

So, this is a balanced problem. If heavy energy consumption, the life will be low, then a good cat may not be outstanding because of the lifeless mileage, and there will be no such ate. Conversely, if light power consumption, loving, it can also form a product advantage, and combine with amazing appearance, it is more likely to form a word-of-mouth storm, which in turn makes a burst. The product thinking of the Great Wall is worthy of research.


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