The more you fall, the more you hit the fire, the leeks of the leeks

By | January 8, 2021

2021 New Year’s Day holiday has just passed, the value of $ 185 billion, the new world, the world, the world, the Elon Musk, led Tesla, ushered in the first hit of New Year China.

On January 4, there were netizens, and Gu Tesra Model 3 was out of control in Underground garage in Linyi Sheng Square, Shandong, and hit the toilet. Tesla responded that the driver suddenly turned sharply in driving, and the vehicle’s driving process was not seen during the accident due to the accident, the vehicle driving process did not see any abnormalities during the accident.

Tesla is the world’s most radioped electric vehicle company, and news is always as follows. Frequently

Tesla’s performance in China’s car market has not only successfully turned into a profit, but also achieved remarkable sales. According to the sales data released by Tesla, 2020 Tsra’s total sales volume is 499,500, and 500,000 sales targets in Bi Tesla are only 450. Especially in the fourth quarter of 2020, Tesla Global accumulated sales was 18,0570, which set the highest record of single-quarter sales.

According to the multiplier data, the sales of Domestic Tesra Model 3 in November was 21,604, and the 12,143 annually in October increased by 77.9%, and the first breakdown of 20,000 vehicles in the year, from 1 to November sales reached 111,600.

It is also the same, which is the same, is the sustained cliff of Tesla prices, which makes people bought Tesla, which is “cutting the leeks”.

The price reduction is habbed into nature

Now the price reduction has become Tesla’s habitual action, very “wolf is coming” feel, anyway, no matter how the Tesla executives denied the rumors, everyone is no longer trust.

Just take the first to take the lead model Model 3 in China, after Tsela in Hua Jiansai, Model 3 entered the countryside, the price was from the original 355,800 yuan, the minimum drops to 249,000 yuan, and cut the price of 30%.

On October 25, 2019, Tesla 3 was officially opened, and the price was 355,800 before the subsidy was announced.

In December 2019, the price of the subsidy was adjusted to 3,31 million yuan in the first delivery of domestic Model 3.

In January 2020, Tesla announced that Model 3 fell to 323,800 subsidies, and the price was $ 299.05 million.

In late April 2020, “Notice on Perfecting New Energy Automobile Promotion Application and Financial Subsidy Policy” is released, and the price before subsidies must be 300,000 yuan or less. At the beginning of May, Tesla fell to 291,800 yuan before the domestic version of Model 3 subsidies, and the priced price was 2,7155 million yuan.

On October 1, 2020, Tesla China announced that the purchase price was adjusted to 249,900 yuan after the domestic MODEL 3 subsidy, and the drum was driven from 30.99 million yuan.

During the New Year’s Day in 2021, when I was listed on the country, Tesla announced the formal price of domestic SUV model Model Y. The long-range version of the price of 339,900 yuan, a pre-sale price of 148,100 yuan; Model Y Performance has a high-performance version of $ 369,900, a pre-sale price of 165,100 yuan.

Sales increase, for Tesla is absolutely good news, the price fell, let “leeks” is affirmed, for the “waiting for the party”, “waiting for the party”, is also a next day Tangled “leeks” and tangled.

However, with science and technology, Tesla, attracting consumers, can not just sell and sell, there are many safety accidents such as spontaneous combustion, “out-of control”, and can serve as a car company that is full of front and negative news. It is probably Tesla!

13 “out of control” accidents in the media

On January 4 this year, some netizens released a video in a media platform, and Tesra Model 3 was out of control in Underground garage in Linyi, Shandong, and hit the toilet. The accident caused the toilet being hurt, and the vehicle head portion was damaged.

According to the owner of the owner, when the accident occurs, the vehicle “out of control, the brakes are still braked”, and the vehicle is still properly transported in the brake state. In addition, the owner also said that the vehicle background also automatically clears the driving record video when it crashes.

In the early morning of January 6, Tesla responded that after analysis of data and live, the vehicle suddenly turned sharply in driving, and the incidental water, the vehicle was sharp due to the incident of the incident on the road. The speed is too fast and the road surface is slippery and eventually causing an accident. The driver stepped on the brake pedal and the speed of the vehicle was lowered and the ABS function was started normally. There is no exception during the vehicle travel until the accident occurs.

In addition to this accident, from May 2020, Tesla had 12 doubts of out-of-control accidents in China, involving MODEL 3, Model S, model X three models.

On May 21, 2020, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhao, when driving the MODEL 3 entered the garage, the vehicle suddenly accelerated, and Ms. Zhao can only use the body to rub with the wall and crawled to stop the vehicle. After the vehicle was sent back on July 13, the car was inexplicably accelerated 3 times. Tesla’s test results: the car is no problem, it is the owner’s misplaced throttle, and the speed of the impact is 25km / h. After the Temli-sales test, the record of the driving recorder U disk was deleted.

On June 16, 2020, Mr. Chen Mr. Chen, Nanchang, Jiangxi, suddenly accelerated to 127 km / when driving, the owner was invalid for many times, until I traveled nearly 8 kilometers, hitting the mushroom Stop the car. This accident eventually caused Mr. Chen seriously injured.

Three days later, Tesla responded: “Has handled this in the first time, according to Tesla’s design principle, the brake failure vehicle he accelerates very small. The government department has made conclusions according to the vehicle data. And then judge. “

On July 17, 2020, Tesla Model 3, Mr. Ma, was hanging R-stop, and the vehicle suddenly lost forward. The owner stepped on the brakes in time, the brakes stopped, and eventually did not cause casualties.

Then Tesla officially checks the vehicle, responding is caused by computer crash and vehicle harness overload. But after two weeks of adjustment, the cloud data is gone.

On the evening of August 9, 2020, Tesla Model 3, Shanghai car, suddenly rushed into a gas station on Shanghai Yang Zhi Road, hitting the anti-collision rod, column and other facilities in the gas station, 2 people were injured, the matter The vehicle is seriously damaged.

Tesla did not speak on this matter.

On August 12, 2020, Mr. Chen, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, suddenly lost control accelerated, rushing through the gate of the parking lot, in the residential community, all the way to more than 10 cars, treated and turned down. The accident causes multiple cars damage, and the vehicle is seriously damaged, and the owner is directly sent to the ICU.

Tesla said that the car did not malfunction, the owner was wrong to carry the electric door as a brake.

On the afternoon of September 5, 2020, Sichuan Nanchong Liu’s Tesla Model X lost control, hit a number of cars and pedestrians, and the accident caused 2 deaths, 6 injured, and the multi-vehicle was damaged.

Tesra indicates that the vehicle data shows that the vehicle has no fault.

On October 19, 2020, Beijing Wang Mao’s Model 3 lost to the bus platform, causing a traffic commander seriously injured, the vehicle head and the power battery part were severely damaged.

On the second day of the incident, Tesla replied on Weibo. “After the investigation and data of the vehicle, the vehicle did not turn on the automatic auxiliary driving function when the accident occurred. Up until the collision occurred, no foundation including the steering system Any system failure. “

On December 12, 2020, a community near West Third Ring Space Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing, a white Tesra Model S driving at a low speed in the community, suddenly out of control, hits the residential building at 80 kilometers / hour, causing an accident The A column on the left side of the vehicle has been deformed, windshield warped, the first floor household house and the window are hurt. Fortunately, there is no major casualties.

Afterwards, Tesla did not speak on this.

On December 18, 2020, Guangdong, a Tesla Model S, on the way, and suddenly accelerated at the car owner, suddenly accelerated, hit a taxi, and then chased a truck again.

On December 21, Tesla responded on Weibo that passed through the reading and analysis of vehicle data, during the acceleration of the vehicle, the driver continued to step on the accelerator pedal during the second collision. The brake pedal has not been stepped on, and the owner has assisted the owner for insurance claims and vehicle maintenance.

On December 30th, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Xiaoshan, and a Tesla Model 3 suddenly accelerated into the Wyndham Hotel. The accident eventually caused damage to the hotel’s glass curtain wall, hit a Tesla and a Mercedes-Benz, but also hit the stone column at the door of the parking lot. According to the parties, he suddenly accelerated from the parking lot, but he did not step on the electric door.

Tesla did not respond to this matter.

On December 31, a Model X, Sichuan, suddenly lost in the Eshan International, automatically accelerated, first hit a Porsche, then hit a BYD, and finally hit a predominant.

On January 1st, Ms. Liang, Shanghai Chenerner, said on December 30th, the car was out of control for 20 minutes. During the period, Ms. Liang took Tesla 21 seconds, after leaving the pedal, the car still Self-acceleration.

On January 2nd, Tesla responded that after analyzing the background data and the survey of the road segment, the official first acknowledged that the vehicle’s own acceleration is true, but only recognizes the authenticity of the 21 second video, and said this is The weather is cold or slowed down, which is a temporary event, and the background is everything in the back office.

Tesla “out of control” accident is not only Chinese unique

If you search online, you will find that Tesla’s automatic acceleration is not lonely.

At the beginning of December 2020, a Model X “out of control” suddenly hit a wall of the apartment parking lot and immediately caused a fire. This accident caused the owner to die, and 2 people were injured. One of them was a driver person who sat in the main driving position. The other is the apartment staff. Afterwards, the driver’s driver said to the police investigated the matter that the vehicle has lost control before hitting the wall. As early as September 2016, South Korea exposed the case of Tesla out of control. At that time, Tesla is declared that relevant data indicates that the cause of the accident is that the owner has been desperately stepped on the accelerator pedal, which is the same as the cause of the accident.

There are the most in the United States, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as of September 2019, as of September 2019, have been tried to Trust Squirting as “out of control” case. According to their statistics, in the first year of North American Tesra Model X, a total of 18,240 delivered Model X vehicles reported 13 contemporary acceleration events, probability reached 71/100000, and the US annual car The incidence of accidental acceleration event is 1/100000, which means that the incidence of Tesla accident acceleration is 71 times the US ordinary vehicle.

At the beginning of 2020, a US website called “Consumer Affairs” reported that NHTSA was reviewing a petition. This petition submitted by investors Brian Sparks requested NHTSA to conduct a formal investigation on the report of Tesla Electric Motors suddenly accelerated.

The petitioned books, 127 consumers submitted to NHTSA, involving Model S, Model X and Model3 models, causing 110 crash accidents, resulting in injuries, design defects, etc. Production, 2013-2019 More than 500,000 electric models.

In this regard, Tesla official Weibo issued a statement that this is a short person who deliberately wipes their conspiracy: “We analyzed the driving data we learned accidentally accelerated time, the conclusion is Tesla car in all There are normal operation in accordance with the design requirements in the event. “

Tesla also pointed out that they maintain information disclosure for NHTSA and the public, and they will continue to regularly address complaints with accidents acceleration. In the past few years, they discussed Most of the complaints mentioned in the wishing book in the past few years. Moreover, in every case they jointly review, vehicles are running normally.

Whether it is foreign or domestic, most of these cases are driving experienced old drivers, in which the brakes have not played. And Tesla’s explanation of these incidents caused improper operation of the owner, and the throttle is used as a brakes.

The influence of Tesla’s “out of control” has a small, and the official survey results are uniform: the vehicle is not a problem, it is the owner’s operation problem. Not only, not only the accident, but the vehicle owner exposed Tesla refused to provide the original data to the traffic police, and some owners reflected that the cloud data disappeared.

At present, we have not seen the authoritative institution’s authoritative interpretation of these accidents, the owners and Tesla have each statement, which seems to be reasonable, but it feels not enough. It is hoped that relevant agencies with technical capabilities can be fully, meticulous, and thoughtful, and the truth of the accident will drive the truth of the accident to promote the healthy development of the electric vehicle.

According to public information, Tesla has recently recited records in China and abroad. In October 2020, Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd. announced that he recited some imported MODEL S, Model X electric vehicles, a total of 29193.

The recall is that some vehicles are subjected to a large external impact, and the front suspension rear bolt bolts produce initial cracks, and the crack may be extended and cause the ball bolt to break when using a vehicle. In extreme cases, the ball tapered seat may take out from the steering section, affecting the control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents, there is a safety hazard.

In November 2020, Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd. announced that some imported Model S, Model X electric vehicles have a total of 870 vehicles. The reason is that the bottom coatings of the surface of the vehicle car roof can be insufficient, and the upper ornament may increase from the vehicle, which will increase the risks of the rear vehicles, especially motorcycles, and there is a safety hazard.

According to media reports, Tesla was recalled in China in October, in a letter to NHTSA, denied the hidden dangers of the vehicle suspension, and said that damage is not quality, but some Chinese owners abuse caused, and expressed Not intended to recall outside China.

However, let Tesla face, in November 2020, Tesla has launched two recalls in the United States in the United States in the United States in November 2020. Among them, 9136 Model X car recall consistent with the resessment of China’s recall, and another recall for 401 2020 Model Y, which is consistent with China’s recall.

View from owners and quasi-owners

So, is these accidents that are accompanied by Tesla racelines? Automobile business comments have visited Tesla owners, as well as some quasi-car owners who are ready to buy Tesla, want to know their true thoughts.

Mr. Wu, owner: Import Model 3 car owners

There is also an ideal in Lexus, why would I want to buy Tesla at the time? It is because Tesla is the first brand of electric vehicles around the world, just like an Apple phone.

Model 3 is very comfortable, fast speed, good manipulation, but sitting is somewhat uncomfortable. Although I think the car is used, it is a consumer product, I don’t want to see the value rate, but now the price reduction has a little bit no.

My car is the import version of the imported version of the import version of the import version of the high-performance version of the imported version of the imported version of the high-performance version. When I bought it, I landed 560,000 yuan. Now the second-hand price is 250,000 yuan. Some psychological is unbalanced, so I don’t prepare to buy Tesla. .

This is no longer the problem of depreciation, just like the market is not a reminder, I am a silly X. I can accept Tesla does not protect, but I will be uncomfortable to reduce the grade. Before Ka Tesla went out, others would think that there is money, willing to taste new, technology control, now I can see 7 people from home, you can see 7 …

As for so many news, I think these accidents will have problems with people who will stop, and the brakes are controlled by the mechanism, and will not be controlled by electronically.

Mr. Superior: Mr. Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV is available, ready to wait for Tesla price cut to psychological expectations.

There are two enough fuel vehicles in my home, and I don’t need to buy Tesla. Tesla price reduced to the current price range, which is already in mind, and it is expected to enjoy early, ready to shoot. I don’t think there is a big knife like it before. In my heart, Tesla is still the most advanced. Although there are many reports on automatic driving accidents, it may be because Tesla sales base is relatively large. It is undeniable that Tesla’s brand and original, no one can shake, and other car companies are more followers.

Mr. Geo Ge: There are two fuel cars at home, ready to update one to electric cars, so keep paying attention to Tesla.

I think that in the current development of electric car markets, technology is not too mature, choose technology relatively leading, performance, and Tucla, which is good.

Buy Tesla, I am not just needed for me, so I am more concerned about its price / performance, now the performance and price of the MODEL Y dual motor has met my expectations, and it is estimated that the price reduction space of this car is limited. The lower price of the Model Y model, which is more likely to reduce the single motor version of the reduction, so I am going to start, but the recent car purchase is too much, I can’t mention the car for a while, and I will not be anxious to order. Look, let’s talk.

Recently Tesla’s accidents really make me bother, but I think Tesla’s car and the previous car are structurally, design, operation, and what is the cause of the lost control accident, the two sides There is no scientific appraisal basis for a third party, and it is not very good to judge. If you really mention the car, I think I will carefully check the instructions, strictly drive according to the operation specification, and caution for the use of automatic driving functions.

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