Medium-sized pure electric SUV black horse, to see where u how to interpret science

By | January 8, 2021

Among the many pure electric SUV models, there is a model of a model that has an appearance, and there are many high-tech configurations in the car. Its name is also very Chinese mythology, which is a medium-sized pure electric SUV.

Let’s take a look at its appearance, the whole face is the most conspicuous is its penetration light design, the most extension of the upper side of this light is visually pulled up. Its intake grille is closed, and a black surrounding design is surrounded by the front of the head, which is raised in the visual. The whole head looks very atmosphere.

The whole side of the body looks like a more tough design, and the entire waistline is designed to be very prominent, and it feels that the whole side gives people a muscular man’s bodybuilding. Including the design of it tires, the tire is a moving hub, which makes the side of the entire car dynamic. Including the tail and D column of its roof and D column do two-color design and the roof extends in the final extension, it gives people a wings that fly the domineering.

The car tail and the front of the head are all through-through, the elongated running tail light is visually width, which makes the whole car look very solid. It also made a smoked treatment as the head surrounded by the head, and the height of the tail is also increased.

The color of the interior is simple, and the black ash is relatively said that it will be very neutralized. The whole interior is most feeling that it may be its triple screen, especially the dashboard and medium control screen. The online screen has to “wow”, but not only this, there are various tricks atmosphere lights, can change their lights according to different scenes, is it very “wow”.

The screen in the car consists of a double-on-screen and a separate touch screen. The multi-screen design is very novel, the identification is very high, and the double-style steering wheel and the rotating gear are also strengthened.

In terms of the power of 2020 400 u, it is equipped with a maximum of 150kW power motor, and the maximum battery has reached 400km. In other versions, more 500km high-decline can be selected. It can be said that u ‘s choice is still very rich. Where is the price of U.The, is currently 13.98-19.98 million yuan, is this performance you are still satisfied?

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