What car can I buy 50,000 yuan? Don’t want to look at these two cars with the wind, do you like it?

By | January 7, 2021

Since Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV has emerged, there has been a difficult situation in a car, and many companies have begun to launch a similar model with wind, such as Chery’s small ants, Baojun’s E200 and other models. Although they still have Miss Hong Kong MINI EV, this kind of car life is also very moist with a lower price. Generally speaking, the target groups of such cars have the following characteristics, and the fuel sauce is difficult to smoke, so it can only be returned to the new energy car hanging green card. But the price is too high will bring too much pressure, so the trolley of tensors will make them more calm. In addition, that is, there is already a fuel car at home, I want to buy an electric car to experience a friend of the new energy car. So in this price, if you don’t want to choose Wuling Mining MINI EV with the style, what is good?

Beiqi University cat guide price of 49,800

I don’t know why, this kind of car manufacturer always loves to linked them with a cat, and the black cat white cat with the earth is a good cat and the big cat introduced today. In terms of appearance, this car gave a sense of SMART, with a total car of 3239mm, and the wheelbase reached 2240mm, such performance can be said in the same level. The specific endless mileage has not yet been exact data, but according to its 10.95kWh battery capacity, the battery life should be around 180 kilometers, and the MINI EV of the high-decline is not too much.

Changan Benn E-Star guide price 6.98-748 million

Changan Benben This car can be said to be another old national phenomenon car after Qi Rui QQ, has always had a good reputation for many years. This Bentben E-star is a product that is born in the time of the times, but there is a backbone of this old trolley as a back book, I believe that the level should be not bad. It is particularly worth mentioning that this E-star has a life-fire mileage reached 301 kilometers, which has far exceeded other cars with the same level. At the same time, the appearance of this car does not pull, if you give a busy family My friend came to see the interior of this car, I can’t think of this car, I only sell $ 20,000. At the current car market, some regional dealers have a discount of about 10,000 yuan, coupled with the new energy subsidies provided in some areas, and the entry version of Benben E-STAR can do about 50,000 yuan.

Today we introduce these two cars, whether it is the appearance or life compared to Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, can say that the wind is not falling, if you have a friend who bought this type of car, you can pay more attention to it. After all, a branch is not spring, and the hundred flowers are released. .

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